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Brooklyn Premises Liability Attorney

When a Property Owner is Negligent, our Brooklyn Premises Liability Lawyers Can Help

New York law requires that property owners maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. When property owners fail at this duty, innocent people get injured and can require expensive medical treatment.

At our law firm, we help those injured on someone else’s premises. We have experience suing businesses, private landowners, as well as government entities when an unsafe condition on the land or in a building injures our clients.

Types of Premises Liability Claims

Our clients have been injured on someone’s property in a variety of ways, including:

What You Need to Prove for a Premises Liability Claim

To establish a claim for premises liability, an injured victim must show:

For example, a property owner who knows that their ceiling is on the verge of collapsing should either fix it or warn people not to enter the property until it is fixed. If there is a puddle of liquid on the floor in a store, then the owner should clean it up promptly or rope off the area.

The actions an owner must take depend on the circumstances. Sometimes, warning a person is enough. In others, they should fix the hazard properly.

Trespassing Victims

A person who is trespassing on property does not have the legal right to enter or remain on the property. Under New York law, a property owner owes no duty of care to a trespasser, except in two situations:

If victims were trespassing, they might have a legal claim, but they need the help of a Brooklyn premises liability attorney to review their case.

Contact One of Our Brooklyn Premises Liability Attorneys Today to Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

Premises liability claims are more complicated than many people realize, so contacting an attorney as soon as possible will help you claim. New York also gives victims only three years to bring a lawsuit; otherwise the claim is legally barred.

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