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New York Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers

NYC Accident Attorneys Helping People Hurt in Delivery Truck Crashes

With the rise of e-commerce, more and more trucks are making deliveries for people who have bought goods on Amazon and other online retailers. With so many delivery trucks on the streets, they are bound to get into accidents. And when they do, innocent motorists and pedestrians can suffer devastating injuries. For example, a pedestrian was struck in killed in Manhattan in Murray Hill in early 2019, just one of many accidents in recent years.

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Delivery Trucks

The most recognizable delivery trucks are for the most well-known companies, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, which deliver packages every day of the week. Other well-known box vans or cube trucks include U-Haul, which individuals can rent when they need to haul furniture to a new apartment or house.

Box trucks typically weigh 12,000-30,000 pounds, so they are a little heavier than many passenger sedans. They are also much larger, in a bulky “box-like” shape. Some box trucks are very difficult to maneuver, and drivers can strike pedestrians when they are not careful.

Challenges Operating a Delivery Truck

Operating a delivery truck is often difficult because of the design of the truck. When someone rents and tries to drive a U-Haul, for example, they might be surprised by how different it is to drive when compared to a typical four-door sedan. Some of the unique challenges to delivery trucks include:

An inexperienced driver can easily make a mistake when driving one of these vehicles and end up causing serious injuries.

Operator Safety

Companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL should take care to hire the best people to drive for them. Unfortunately, some delivery truck drivers are careless on the job and, as a result, end up getting into collisions.

Driver error can include:

When a delivery truck driver has negligently caused an accident, our clients are often able to sue both the driver and his employer for compensation.

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