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New York City Construction Accident Resources

Common Workers Comp Questions

In New York State, almost every employee is guaranteed, by law, to compensation after a workplace injury. In exchange for this promise of benefits, the State’s construction workers forfeit their right to sue an employer.

But this “simple” bargain can become complicated, and devastating, in a second. In fact, you may need an aggressive representative to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

Have questions about New York’s Workers Compensation program? Find the answers here.

Construction Accident Statistics

It’s common knowledge that construction is one of America’s most dangerous industries.

Learn more about the incidence and common types of construction accidents nationally, as well as those in New York State and City, with the statistics and data here.

Is Your Hardhat Enough? Safety & Injury On Construction Sites [Infographic]

Looking for a quick overview of construction accidents?

Check out our free infographic to learn more about common accidents and injuries. We’ve even provided sections on the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s efforts to reduce worker injuries, tips to promote jobsite safety and how to handle an accident after it happens.

New York’s Labor Law 240(1): The Scaffold Law

New York is the only State to recognize the extraordinary dangers presented to employees who work at elevation. Workers who use ladders, scaffolding and other height-related equipment are protected by unique laws, and afforded additional rights in the event of an accident.

In fact, you may be able to sue a negligent employer under the State’s “Scaffold Law.” To find more information, click here.

Why Are Workers Comp Claims Denied?

Did you know that up to 54% of all claims for workers compensation are denied by New York’s governmental authority? That’s a troubling statistic, and a claim denial can be devastating for both workers and their families.

Learn how to avoid the top 5 reasons for denial here.

Can I Get Workers Comp After Being Fired?

You were hurt on the job and unable to work. Then, after you started receiving benefits, you got fired.

New York State says that’s okay; employers don’t need to save your space. In many cases, it’s entirely legal for an employer to leave you hanging. But will your benefits stop?

Find out here.


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