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Trucks that transport vehicles, boats, and motorcycles sometimes crash, and when they do, they tend to make the news. These vehicles are very large and because they are carrying so many vehicles, very heavy. They can cause devastating injuries, including fatalities, when they overturn or collide with smaller vehicles.

Working on a car hauler or other transporter truck is also very dangerous. Workers sometimes fall 10 feet or more when they get out of a vehicle. The industry has tried to improve its safety profile recently, but many workers continue to be hurt.

After an accident with one of these haulers, you should meet immediately with a qualified attorney to review what legal options you have. At our firm, one of our Bronx transporter truck accident lawyers would be happy to meet with you.

Why Car-Haulers and Transporter Trucks Are Dangerous

If you have ever seen a transporter truck loaded up with a dozen cars, you are well aware that the vehicle looks dangerous. Although the design works fine in most situations, there are some hidden challenges to driving one safely.

For one thing, the driver’s view might be partially obstructed. One car usually hangs down in front of the windshield, which partially obstructs the driver’s vision.

On its own, the obstruction might not be dangerous. But add in distracted driving, driver fatigue, and cell phone use, and sometimes accidents can happen. A driver should always have his eyes focused on the road, but slip-ups are unavoidable when drivers are hauling vehicles for long distances across the country.

Second, the design of the vehicle often means that some cars fall off in a collision, regardless of how secure they are. If the transporter rear-ends a car in front of it, then a vehicle might come flying off the hauler. Once cars start spilling off, we are looking at multi-car pileups with many injured victims.

Driving Overweight

This is another danger but deserves its own section. Have we mentioned that transporter trucks are heavy? Imagine how heavy one vehicle is. Now strap a dozen onto a hauler. Car haulers and other transport trucks are often heavier than many tractor-trailers on the road.

There is a risk that the truck will get overloaded. Sometimes a company overloads a truck to save money. After all, the more vehicles it can load onto a hauler, the fewer trips the company will need to make. Unfortunately, this attitude can lead to deadly accidents. The heavier a truck, the more time it takes to stop. On a freeway with regular construction, a transporter truck might be unable to stop in time but instead rear-ends one or more vehicles in front of it. Regulators will fine any operator whose truck is overweight, but many accidents occur before overweight trucks are ever identified.

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