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NYC Wrongful Death Attorneys: Defective Products

Wrongful Death Lawyers in New York City Helping Family Members of People Killed by Defective Products

Every month, dozens of products are recalled by manufacturers due to hazards posed to consumers. Some products catch on fire, explode, or otherwise fail to work as a consumer would expect, and people end up in the emergency room. In some tragic incidents, consumers are even killed by defective products.

At our firm, we understand how shocking it is to lose a loved one in an accident. When a defective product causes death, you might not know what to do or who to turn to. Let one of our NYC wrongful death attorneys help you build a case against the manufacturer.

Defective Products Claim Lives

Any product can be defective in design, manufacture, or marketing. However, some of the more common include:

If a loved one died and you suspect that a hazardous product is to blame, then you should meet with an attorney right away. Many of our clients can bring wrongful death suits for compensation, but they need legal help.

Why Defective Products Fail

Most products work as intended. Those that fail too often are defective for one of the following reasons:

It is not important that family members identify the defect. Instead, you should hopefully preserve the product that fatally injured your loved one so that an attorney can review it, possibly with the help of an expert witness.

Legal Liability in New York for Defective Products

When a product is defective, New York assigns liability to the manufacturer, and our clients do not even need to show that the manufacturer intentionally or even negligently injured their loved one. Instead, New York imposes strict liability for product defects on manufacturers, which is how the law should be written. Depending on the circumstances, surviving family members might be able to sue other parties as well.

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