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Escalator accidents are often some of the most horrifying that we see in our legal practice. Escalators move people between floors and are popular in malls and public buildings, including airports. However, escalators are dangerous pieces of equipment that are regulated by local, city, state, and federal laws.

If you were injured on an escalator, or if you know someone who was, then we encourage you to reach out to a lawyer at our firm. We can investigate what happened, identify who is to blame, and fight for generous compensation for your injuries.

Type of Escalator Accidents

A person can suffer a serious injury in the following types of accidents:

  • Falls. A person who loses their balance can fall all the way down to the ground, just as they would on a staircase, suffering a traumatic injury with each strike. There are many reasons why people fall. Sometimes, the escalator comes to an abrupt halt, which causes people to have to step backward. In other situations, a person who is intoxicated can fall and strike people behind them.
  • Handrail entrapment. A person can get a piece of clothing or body part trapped between the handrail (which is moving) and its guide. A body part, like a hand, can also get stuck in the curved newel.
  • Comb plate entrapment. At the top and bottom of an escalator are stationary comb plates. A person can get a piece of clothing or part of their body stuck in the comb plate. When the plate has missing teeth, then the risk of entrapment increases.
  • Entrapment on the side of the step. When there is too much space between the step and the skirt to the side, a person can get their foot, finger, or article of clothing stuck. These accidents often happen when people are standing too close to the side of the step.

Entrapment injuries are particularly serious because the escalator must be shut off to free the person, and injuries can worsen as the escalator runs.

Over the years, escalators have become extraordinarily complex. Many have computer systems that run them, which can malfunction. An injured victim needs a Brooklyn escalator accident attorney who understands this area of law to bring the best claim possible.

Assigning Liability for a Brooklyn Escalator Accident

Among the entities that might be to blame are the following:

  • The owner or operator of the escalator. This could be an individual store or the building operator. If you were injured on government property, then the government is usually liable.
  • The manufacturer. A defective escalator can injure people even if it was properly installed and serviced.
  • An inspector, who could have been negligent in investigating the escalator.
  • Maintenance personnel, who made insufficient repairs or who overlooked something that needed to be fixed.

Assigning liability is complicated but important. An entity is not to blame unless their negligence or other wrongful conduct contributed to your injuries.

At our firm, we can obtain necessary documents, including inspection records, a repair list, and any surveillance video that could have captured the accident.

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