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New York City Truck Accident Lawyer

Assisting Victims of New York City Truck Accidents with their Personal Injury Cases

Truck accidents in New York City can involve personal trucks, as well as commercial box trucks and tractor-trailers. If you are driving a sedan or smaller motor vehicle and a large truck collides with your vehicle, your vehicle can sustain serious damages. More importantly, you can suffer severe personal injuries as a result of the accident.

If you are the victim of a truck accident and have sustained serious personal injuries, the New York City truck accident lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman may be able to help. We would like to put our 80-plus years of experience to work and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

Dangerous Vehicles in New York City

Our team has helped victims injured in collisions with different types of commercial vehicles on the road, including:

If you were struck by one of these commercial vehicles or another not listed, please contact one of our New York City truck accident lawyers for a free consultation. The sooner you get started on your case, the stronger your chances of financial recovery.

Common Causes of New York City Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in New York City can occur in a variety of different ways. In the case of commercial trucks, the driver may be attempting to beat a time schedule or obtain overtime compensation. The driver’s employer might also create incentives for the truck driver to be on the road longer than currently allowed under federal law. Consequently, he or she may be disregarding the rules of the road or driving while fatigued. Other truck accidents are caused by:

Because trucking is such a dangerous activity, federal laws strictly limit when a truck driver may be on the road and what he or she can do when behind the wheel. For example, federal hours of service regulations limit the number of hours a driver can drive in a 24-hour period and in a week. These laws also mandate required rest periods to combat driver fatigue.

Federal law also prohibits the use of a hand-held cell phone, though hands-free options are allowed. Many drivers violate these rules, and sometimes a violation can cause a distracted driver to crash into unsuspecting victims.

In any of these cases, the injured motor vehicle driver may be able to file a personal injury claim. Speak with an experienced New York City truck accident attorney for more information.

Truck Accidents Are More Complicated than Other Kinds of Traffic Accidents

Truck accidents are not only the most dangerous accidents on our roads, but truck accident claims are also among the most complicated traffic accident claims. There are a variety of factors that make this a reality, including:

Impact of No-fault Insurance on Truck Accident Claims

If you sustained injuries in a motor vehicle collision that resulted from a negligent truck driver, under New York’s no-fault system, you should first look to your own insurance company for compensation. All motor vehicle drivers are required to carry minimum bodily injury insurance coverage on their vehicles. This coverage continues to compensate you for your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses directly related to your accident.

In the event this compensation isn’t sufficient, or if you suffered a permanent and debilitating injury, you may be able to file a claim or lawsuit directly against the negligent truck driver. If the negligent truck driver is a commercial truck driver, you may also be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the employer trucking company.

As part of any lawsuit against the at-fault party or parties, you may be able to seek monetary compensation in the form of non-economic damages. These non-economic damages might include compensation for suffering, pain, inconvenience, loss of use of a body part, or loss of enjoyment of life that resulted from the injuries you sustained in the truck accident. In many cases, compensation for these intangible losses makes up the bulk of the money our clients receive. It is vital to have an attorney who understands how to document pain and other suffering properly so that you can make a compelling claim to receive as much money under the law.

Our knowledgeable New York City truck accident lawyers can determine which items of damage may be applicable to the facts of your case and may be able to pursue those damages on your behalf.

Contact a New York City Truck Accident Lawyer Today to Schedule a Free Case Evaluation

If you have sustained injuries in a New York City truck accident, you should not delay in calling a lawyer. The experienced attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman understand that serious injuries, including paralysis, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic head injuries, can directly result from trucking accidents. Our knowledgeable legal team will put our skills to work to help maximize your compensation in an accident case.

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