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New York Negligent Security Attorney

Negligent security is a special type of liability case where a person is injured by a third party, usually  by a criminal due to inadequate security provided by the owner of real property, such as an apartment building, a mall, a motel, an office or hotel or other types of real property.In many cases, the injury takes place when an attacker or a burglar  takes advantage of a lack of lighting, missing security guards, broken door or window locks, inadequate fences or security cameras in that particular property  to try to rob or to assault the victim.

Why You Need a New York Negligent Security Lawyersecurity guard on escalator

In New York, all premises such as apartments, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, bars and restaurants have a legal duty to provide reasonable security to protect those people who are inside and using their premises.

A New York negligent security lawyer understands the injuries, losses, damages and devastation that is caused by such assaults, and helps you pursue justice when the owner or property manager of the premises could have prevented or reduced the chance of  an attack by providing adequate security. By asserting a claim for negligent or inadequate security, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your pain and suffering, your medical expenses and your loss of wages and your loss of earning capacity.

Common Causes of Inadequate / Negligent Security

Property owners are required by New York state law to take reasonable security measures to assure that all the individuals who live, work or even visit their premises are protected from a foreseeable attack or intruder.

Examples of  negligent  security lawsuits  includes: inadequate numbers of and poorly organized  security guards on the owner’s premises, failure to provide enough lighting in parking or other building areas, lack of security cameras that would otherwise help to curb crime or assaults, and a failure to repair broken windows or door locks or intercom entry systems.

There are multiple factual situations that could lead to an injury or assault caused by inadequate and negligent security. A variety of legal and factual elements are considered in prosecuting this type of case. By contacting an experienced New York personal injury lawyer, you increase your chances of winning the lawsuit significantly by having a lawyer on your side who has a complete knowledge of the law and of security procedures and devices.

Types of Negligent Security Cases

Many negligent or inadequate security lawsuits involve attacks or assaults by intruders or criminals that occur on the owner’s premises or business complex. Recently, negligent or inadequate security lawsuits have included a wide range of properties such as bars, hotels, offices, shopping plazas, among other publicly used premises. We consult with numerous experts who are familiar with premises security issues and practices. There are several major types of negligent or inadequate security cases. These may include:

  • Landlord liability security – a land owner and its manager does not provide tenants and their guest reasonable security in the building and the grounds.
  • On campus liability – students who are injured due to the lack of reasonable security in their campus dormitories or class room buildings.
  • Bank liability security – owners of a bank fail to provide required security to their customers when carrying on with their activities in the bank.
  • Employer security liability – employer fails to offer a reasonable level of security to the employee who is working in their premises.

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