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After an accident, you may be sitting at home wondering what steps you should take next. Accidents like car collisions, bus accidents, and slip and falls can leave victims with significant medical expenses, as well as an uncertain future. If your injuries were serious, you might be unable to return to work, which can only increase the financial stress on your family.

Accidents cost business and insurance companies billions of dollars each year, and they are not eager to offer fair compensation to people making a claim. We are never surprised when we receive a phone call from an injured victim who is unable to get any compensation from the person or business responsible for the accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured, reach out to one of our experienced New York City personal injury attorneys. At our firm, we represent clients in all boroughs, including Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Contact us today.

Construction Accidents

The construction industry is by far one of the most dangerous industries in the nation. Every year, dozens of workers die in construction deaths in New York State, and recent requirements for increased training have not managed to eradicate these deaths completely. Additionally, thousands of workers suffer an injury at the job site that requires immediate medical treatment and can cause the worker to miss time away from the job.

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. However, these benefits are rarely enough to cover expenses. Many people have left over expenses or lost income that they need compensation for. Fortunately, you might be able to bring a lawsuit against a third party or even against the general contractor in some situations.

We focus a significant portion of our practice on representing construction accident victims and have considerable experience bring lawsuits under Section 200, Section 240, or Section 241. We can obtain full compensation for your losses, including all income lost as a result of the accident and compensation for pain and suffering.

Catastrophic Injuries

We also have extensive experience representing those who have suffered brain injuries, burn injuries, and other catastrophic injuries. These cases present additional challenges, such as measuring the amount of compensation a client will need for continuing medical care - often for the rest of their lives

After a horrific accident, many of our clients will never make a full recovery, so they might need assistive devices, at-home attendants, or future surgery. We can calculate the amount of money necessary to pay for this future care and make a case in a compelling way that warrants full compensation.

Car Accidents

Car accidents usually revolve around negligence, which is the legal term used to describe a motorist who was not sufficiently careful and who injured another motorist as a result. Many motorists are negligent when they break the law, though a driver does not need to break the law to be negligent. Instead, they can be negligent by daydreaming, arguing with someone in the car, failing to look in their rearview mirror, or getting distracted by eating or drinking behind the wheel.

There are many types of car accidents, including:

  • Rear-End collisions

  • T-bone accidents

  • Hit and run accidents

  • Head-on collisions

In a car accident case, you will often need to negotiate a settlement with the negligent driver’s insurance company. You might also receive no-fault personal injury protection benefits, which can cover your immediate medical care. In some situations, you can also sue if you have a serious injury.

Mass Transit Accidents

Mass transportation cases differ slightly from garden variety car accidents in that you often need to file a claim against a government entity, typically the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA). If you were injured on a city bus or on the subway, you must make a claim with the MTA within 90 days. Otherwise, you can lose your right to file a claim.

Horrific mass transportation accidents like plane crashes draw international news, and you will need an experienced attorney in your corner. Often, airlines make skimpy initial settlement offers with the hopes that you will agree to less money than you are otherwise entitled to.

Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks weigh several times the average passenger sedan, so any collision between the two often results in life-changing injuries for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. The trucking industry is so dangerous that a special federal agency was created to regulate it, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This agency sets detailed rules with the goal of improving safety, but horrific accidents continue to occur on New York’s highways. In many cases, trucking companies contribute to accidents by pressuring drivers to exceed the federal regulations on hours of service or by failing to perform adequate background checks.

Medical Malpractice

Medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States. Medical mistakes can take many forms, such as a failure to diagnose a condition, prescription drug errors, providing the wrong treatment, and anesthesia errors. Many medical mistakes also occur during labor and delivery, resulting in injuries to mother and child. In fact, the mortality rate for women in childbirth continues to rise, which is surprising in a wealthy country like the United States.

Medical malpractice cases are more challenging than other disputes, often because of the need for expert witnesses to describe whether the doctor or other healthcare provider followed the applicable standard of care. An experienced medical malpractice attorney in New York City can find qualified expert witnesses and build a strong case for compensation.

Product Liability

Too many people are injured by products that do not work as expected. A defective product can severely injure our clients or possibly even lead to death. There are many types of defectives that render products dangerous, such as:

  • Defective designs

  • Defective manufacture

  • Inadequate or missing warnings or safety instructions

  • Products that fall short of their respective warranties

At our firm, we have represented clients injured by all types of products, such as appliances, kitchen gadgets, defective furniture, tires, automobile parts, tools, or safety equipment. Identifying the correct party to file a claim against is a claim one of the reasons why you need an experienced attorney to represent you as soon as possible.

Other Personal Injuries

At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our broad experience has made us the go-to firm for all sorts of injuries that people suffer around Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and other boroughs. For example, we have helped clients receive compensation in the following areas:

  • Boating accidents . Common causes include boating under the influence or reckless behavior, such as hitting another boat’s wake. Many people suffer injuries or drown.

  • Camping accidents . It is very easy to be injured in a campground or out on a camping expedition. Campgrounds often do not do all they should to make their premises safe, and you might be to recover compensation if you are injured.

  • Dog attacks . Dogs are dangerous animals, and their bites can cause lasting scars and other permanent injuries. Victims file a claim against owners in many situations.

  • Negligent security claims . Property owners and managers have a duty to provide sufficient security, depending on the risks that are present. For example, some of our clients were injured in shopping malls because there are not adequate security cameras or guards.

  • Premises liability claims . Many of our clients are injured in private homes, at businesses, or on governmental property.

  • Slip and falls . Many people slip and fall on foreign substances on the floor or because of holes, uneven floorboards, or worn carpeting. When a landlord has not taken reasonable measures to make the property safe, our clients can bring lawsuits.

  • Elevator accidents . Riders can suffer a serious injury when an elevator falls, or if it starts to move without the doors closed.

  • Vacation accidents . If you were injured in a hotel or at an amusement park, you can sue for your injuries if they were caused by the business’ carelessness.

  • Pedestrian accidents . Pedestrians can be struck by cars, motorcycles, or bicycles and severely injured.

These are some of the more common personal injury cases we have handled. Please reach out to our New York personal injury attorneys if you have been injured and have a question.

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