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New York City Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Experienced Injury Lawyers in New York City Representing the Rights of Pedestrians

New York City takes pedestrian safety seriously. Over the past several years, the city has worked tirelessly to bring down the number of pedestrian fatalities and injuries—with some success. According to statistics, the number of pedestrians injured in 2014 hit a historic low, and the number has remained relatively low since then.

Nevertheless, accidents continue to occur. Congestion is not decreasing in Manhattan, or other boroughs like Brooklyn and Queens, so more pedestrians will continue to suffer injuries. If you have been hit, please contact a New York City pedestrian accident attorney for a case review.

What are the Primary Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

Most accidents are the fault of the motorist, not the pedestrian. New York law requires that pedestrians only cross when they have permission, but also requires that drivers yield to foot traffic.

There are many reasons why drivers do not yield, such as:

  • Aggressive driving A driver might be in a rush and believe they can speed through an intersection before the traffic reaches them. They misjudge either their speed or the distance and plow right into pedestrians.

  • Distracted driving Motorists who are not paying attention—maybe because they are on the phone—might not brake at a crosswalk.

  • Poor visibility Motorists might not be able to see pedestrians when they enter the crosswalk, leading to tragic collisions.

  • Unmarked crosswalks Motorists might not know that an intersection is a pedestrian crossing, so they are not on the lookout for foot traffic.

  • Alcohol or drug use A driver can be impaired and either suffer from slow reflexes or not be able to think clearly.

What if You Were Jaywalking?

Many people do not cross the street where they are supposed to. Instead, they see an opening in traffic and shoot out into the road, hoping to make it to the other side safely. In many situations, this plan backfires, and the jaywalker ends up getting hit. There is a reason that New York City prohibits jaywalking: it endangers your life and the lives of others if vehicles swerve to avoid you.

Can you sue for compensation if you were jaywalking? We receive this question often.

Actually, it depends on the circumstances. New York recognizes the concept of comparative fault, which applies when more than one person has been negligent. If you were jaywalking, you were very likely negligent, but the driver might have been at fault, also. For example, a speeding driver or one who is intoxicated or distracted has not operated their vehicle with sufficient care, so you might be able to sue them for compensation.

Call a New York City Pedestrian Accident Attorney with Questions

Pedestrian accidents are often more complicated than injured victims might think. In addition to analyzing liability, you also need an experienced attorney who can find helpful evidence and negotiate a favorable settlement.

Contact the lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman today. We have protected the rights of pedestrians in the Bronx and other boroughs for several decades, and we are here for you. To schedule a free consultation with one of our New York City pedestrian accident lawyers, call 212-285-3300 or send us a message at your convenience.