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Construction Accident Attorneys in NYC Representing the Rights of Injured Carpenters

New York City’s construction boom would not last without the skilled craftsmanship of our carpenters. However, working as a carpenter is a dangerous and exhausting job. Many people are injured each year in carpenter accidents, and they suffer serious injuries. Our firm is here to help you get compensation after a devastating injury.

Depending on the circumstances, you might qualify for workers' compensation, or you might be able to bring a lawsuit. Contact a New York City construction accident lawyer for assistance.

Hazards Carpenters Face

Carpenters face many of the same hazards as other workers on a job site, including:

Other accidents are unique to carpenters, such as sawdust, which can get into a carpenter’s eyes or which a carpenter can inhale. Other hazards include power tools like saws, lathes, and nail guns, which might cause injury when they malfunction.

Carpenter Injuries

The nature of the accident often influences the type of injuries we see. Some carpenters suffer from:

Carpenters should remember to report the accident as soon as possible to their employer. This is a vital first step which will determine whether a carpenter qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits and how long it takes to receive those benefits.

Protecting Yourself from Carpenter Accidents

Jobsite safety should be a priority. Construction is one of the most dangerous professions in New York, and extensive state and federal laws exist to protect a carpenter's safety. Some basic safety steps include:

If you have questions about safety, speak to your supervisor or to the contractor.

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Carpenters do excellent work, and they should receive compensation when injured on the job. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our team has represented many carpenters in workers’ compensation proceedings and in lawsuits. If you would like to learn more, contact us today by calling 212-285-3300.