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New York City Burn Injury Lawyers

Burn injuries can occur in many different environments, under a variety of circumstances, and to different degrees. Some burn injuries occur in the home, with the kitchen being the most frequent area and the bathroom the next. Burn injuries may occur in work environments, when working on construction sites, with welding equipment or with hazardous materials. Burn injuries also occur in some serious motor vehicle accidents.

The Potentially Devastating Effects Of Severe BurnsNew York City Injury Lawyers For Burn Victims

Many burn victims sustain considerable or permanent disabilities from their injuries. It is also a common cause of accidental death. Not all burn injuries require the immediate attention of a health professional, although critical burns do require immediate attention – and preferably from a burn specialist.

The seriousness of the burn is determined by a number of factors including the depth of the burned area, size of the burn, cause of the burn (electrical, chemical, or thermal), location of the burn and age and health of the burn victim. The age of the victim is important because the loss of bodily fluids and risk of infection is more critical for infants and elderly individuals. They can be more seriously injured with burns than a healthy adult.

Find more information on the different severities of burns here.

Our NYC Burn Injury Lawyers Fight for Victim Compensation

The burn injury lawyers of the Lipsig Law Firm understand that burn injuries can cause a worker to lose his or her job, or render them unable to hold a job and earn a living. We understand that all burn injuries cause significant pain and suffering, and often cause permanent deformity, scarring and mental anguish. Burn injuries can be highly detrimental to an individual and an individual’s family.

Anyone who has suffered a burn injury due to negligence in an unsafe workplace, motor vehicle accident, or from defective products at work or at home, may be entitled to compensation.

Burn Injury Legal Help is Available from the Lipsig Law Firm

Our burn injury legal staff provides free case evaluation by qualified burn injury lawyers. We work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay a cent until you receive compensation, at which point you are charged a percentage of the settlement.

There is no fee for our burn injury legal services unless a recovery is won.

Our burn injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Click here to contact our burn injury lawyers and find out whether you have grounds for a lawsuit at no cost to you. You may also call us at 917-268-2082 for a free consultation.


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