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Improper Passing or Turning

Driving comes with inherent risks, but we are never so vulnerable as when we leave the lane we are traveling in to pass another motorist or to turn onto another road. When motorists fail to follow the rules of the road as they apply to passing and turning, they leave everyone on the roadway at greater risk of being injured. If another driver leaves you injured in an accident involving improper passing or turning, consult with an experienced NYC car accident attorney today.


Intersections are where traffic moving in every possible direction converges, and this makes them far more prone to serious traffic accidents. When a driver turns left in an intersection, he or she must cross the paths of oncoming cars, and – as such – there are many more opportunities to make dangerous errors in judgment. When a motorist leaves his lane of traffic to turn either left or right (whether at an intersection or not), the driver disrupts the flow of traffic, which sets the stage for accidents if the driver does not proceed with the utmost caution, which includes:


Passing is another occasion when motorists leave their lanes, which increases the risk of accidents happening. Improper passing can take any number of dangerous forms, but the following are prime examples:

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