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New York Fatal Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction Accident Attorneys in NYC Helping Surviving Family Members Recover Compensation

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 971 construction workers died on the job in 2017, representing about one-fifth of all worker fatalities in private industry. Construction is one of the most dangerous professions in New York City, and many workers die unnecessarily due to defective equipment and the negligence of other parties.

A loved one’s death is always a shocking event. Helpfully, New York law allows some surviving family members to receive compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. Contact one of our NYC wrongful death attorneys for more information.

The Construction Industry’s Fatal Four

OSHA has identified four main causes of construction deaths and has dubbed them the “fatal four.” They are:

The examples above account for roughly 60% of all construction accident deaths. Other causes of death include motor vehicle collisions, such as fatal car accidents, and occupational illnesses. If a loved one died on the job, or you suspect they contracted an illness at work, then you should meet with an attorney to check whether you have a claim.

Why Construction Accident Wrongful Death Claims Are Complicated

Wrongful death cases involving construction workers are not as straightforward as other wrongful death claims. For one thing, New York’s workers’ compensation system prevents most workers from suing their employers, even when the employer’s negligence led to the death. Instead, many surviving family members must settle for the death benefit provided by workers’ compensation, which is inadequate in many situations to fully provide for a family.

To bring a wrongful death claim, we work to identify other parties apart from the employer who are responsible for the construction death. Some of the more common parties include:

These third-party lawsuits provide vital compensation. For example, many of our clients can receive more in lost wages than they will through the wrongful death benefit in New York. The average death benefit averages only roughly two-thirds of the construction workers’ average weekly wage.

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