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New York City Rear-End Collision Lawyers

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Rear end collisions are a fairly common accident in all boroughs, including Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. One moment you are sitting at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green, and the next you are thrown violently against the steering wheel or dashboard. Rear end accidents can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle and leave you with large medical bills.

After a crash, you should reach out for help from an experienced New York City rear-end collision attorney, who can fight for compensation for your injuries. Contact us today.

Rear-End Crash Injuries

This type of accident to leave our clients with common injuries, such as:

  • Whiplash. The violent, front and back whip-like motion of the head can damage ligaments in the neck and upper back, causing intense pain. Your neck might be sore, and you can suffer from serious headaches. Mild whiplash often heals on its own in a couple of months, but severe whiplash could cause pain for six months or longer.

  • Concussion. Any violent shaking of the head can cause the brain to change how it operates. After a concussion, many motorists notice impaired thinking, memory, speech, and movement. You might also suffer from headaches and sleep disturbances. Concussions usually take months to clear up, and some cause problems for years.

  • Neck fracture. The vertebrae in the neck could crack because of the violent rocking after an accident. You might suffer intense pain and need surgery.

  • Nerve damage. Any nerve can become pinched because of swelling, which presses directly on a nerve. If the pressure is not relieved, you might suffer permanent nerve damage.

  • Fractures. Motorists can break bones in their hands and arms as they try to brace themselves for impact. Even worse, they might fracture ribs, which can cause a host of complications. Some fractures require surgery so they can heal.

Whatever injuries you suffer, it is vital that you follow your doctor’s recommendations. If you don’t, then the defendant can claim you have contributed to your injuries, and you might not receive full compensation to cover all medical bills.

Proving Fault

In the vast majority of rear-end collisions, the driver who struck you is to blame. This is true even if you ended up having to stop suddenly. New York law requires that drivers provide enough cushion between themselves and the car in front of them precisely for those situations where the car in front needs to stop without warning.

Nevertheless, you should be prepared to discuss what you did in the moments before the crash. If you were driving normally, then you have helped establish that the trail car is to blame for the collision.

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If you are in a lot of pain, you are in no shape to try and negotiate a settlement yourself. Let us help. At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, we have represented injured motorists for over 80 years. We know how to win these cases, and we take great pride in having obtained over $800 million in compensation for our clients.

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