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New York Car Seatback Failure Lawyers

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Car seatbacks play a critical role in car safety, especially during rear-end collisions. They literally keep people upright, which is key to surviving many accidents. When they fail, innocent motorists can suffer very serious injuries.

At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our attorneys have been bringing car defect cases for years. Let one of our Queens product liability lawyers review the circumstances to see if you have a legal case.

How Seatbacks Can Fail

After a collision, a motorist might be thrown forward, only to be restrained by the seat belt and an airbag. However, before the seat belt can restrain someone, the seatback cannot fold. If it breaks, then it can collapse, sending a passenger falling backward.

Seatback failure can occur in many types of accidents, but rear-end collisions are particularly dangerous. After being hit, a defective seatback can collapse, and the motorist falls backward in an unrestrained manner.

Defective seatbacks increase the risk of:

Blocked exits. With the seatback broken, it could block the ability of others to get out of a vehicle in the critical moments after a crash.

Why Seatbacks Fail

Usually, seatbacks fail because of inadequate design or manufacture. For example, the seatback could be designed in such a way that it loses its integrity when the car is hit in a certain spot. If so, we can expect to see many situations where seatbacks fail on a particular brand of vehicle.

Other seatbacks might fail because of how they were assembled. For example, a worker might have failed to screw in a piece on the seatback, which makes it vulnerable during a collision.

It is important to identify how and why the seatback failed, so don’t get a car repaired soon after an accident. Your Queens product liability attorney will want to view it. At our firm, we frequently use experts in vehicle design to review a client’s car to help identify what failed and why.

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If you were involved in a car accident and a seatback failed, you could have a claim for compensation. Under New York law, you can hold the manufacturer legally responsible for using one of several legal theories.

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