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New York City Car Crash Lawsuit Settlement

At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C., our only goal is to secure the largest verdict or settlement the law will allow in your case.

Over decades of trial experience, we’ve done just that, recovering millions for New Yorkers hurt by negligent drivers and auto manufacturers.

Previous Verdicts & Settlements In Auto Accident Cases

Our unrelenting approach is founded on three principles: thorough investigation, exhaustive assessment of every possible legal strategy, and aggressive advocacy.

In the majority of cases, our approach works. Need proof? Here’s a sample of our successful work in car accident lawsuits.


We won a $7.6 million verdict for a 65-year-old woman who lost her leg as a result of being struck by a vehicle that skidded on an icy roadway.


We secured a $16 million trial verdict for a 9-year-old girl injured in a motor vehicle crash due to a defective seat belt design that left her a quadriplegic.

Find more information on holding a negligent manufacturer responsible here.


Our personal injury team was able to recover $4 million for a 4-month-old infant involved in an auto accident. The driver, the victim’s father, claimed that he was cut off by a “phantom” car. As a result, she suffered brain trauma that required surgery and resulted in a seizure disorder.


A 41-year-old working man sustained severe neck injuries in a car crash. For full recovery, he required an extremely costly spinal fusion surgery. Our personal injury lawyers obtained a jury verdict in our client’s favor, and his case was settled for $3.1 million during the appeal by defendant.


Our client, a 62-year-old business owner, was struck by a motor vehicle as it backed over a crosswalk. As a result, they suffered a traumatic brain injury. Our auto accident attorneys recovered $1.85 million in compensation.


We secured $1.5 million for a 43-year-old bus driver struck in the rear by a commercial truck. Our client suffered from debilitating back injuries that required several rounds of surgery.


Our personal injury attorneys recovered $1.46 million for a 14-year-old passenger. Involved in a motor vehicle accident, she endured severe spinal injuries, facial scarring, brain injury and right ear detachment. Her treatment included spinal fusion surgery.

You can learn more about filing a lawsuit as a passenger here.


Our client, a high school student, was a passenger in their friend’s car, when the driver lost control of the vehicle in a traffic-light-controlled intersection. Our client suffered severe back injuries, and we were able to secure $1.46 million.

You can find more of our case results here.

Note that prior results in no way guarantee a similar outcome in your own case.

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