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New York City Misdiagnosis Lawyers

Misdiagnosis is a very serious problem in American medicine. The New York medical malpratice attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. represent individuals who have suffered injuries and losses due to a medical misdiagnosis. Our attorneys have many years of accumulated experience in securing settlements and verdicts for those hurt by misdiagnoses.

Misdiagnoses Are Alarmingly Common

According to a 2006 report in the New York Times, autopsy studies show that in about 20% of the cases in which a doctor diagnoses a fatal illness, it’s a misdiagnosis. This adds up to literally millions of misdiagnoses. Worse still, this alarming rate of misdiagnosis hasn’t changed significantly since the 1930s, as reported by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Common Examples Of Misdiagnosis

Other estimates of misdiagnosis have ranged from 12% in cancer cases to 22%/40% in emergency room and ICU (intensive care unit) cases. In fact, a misdiagnosis is one of the most common kinds of mistakes made in the healthcare system. A misdiagnosis can take place at one or more of the many steps in the medical process, and there are several ways that a diagnosis can “go wrong.” Examples include:

  • a benign tumor is misdiagnosed as malignant
  • a malignant tumor is misdiagnosed as non-cancerous
  • a patient with a greater-than-normal risk for a specific medical condition is not screened for it
  • a doctor fails to refer his or her patient to a specialist for further testing
  • a doctor fails to understand the seriousness of a patient’s medical condition, or its true nature
  • no follow-up is done for a patient although a medical problem should have been suspected
  • the type or stage of a disease is misclassified
  • tissue or tumor specimens are misinterpreted or handled improperly by a technician or physician
  • an aspect of the patient’s medical care is delegated to inexperienced or unqualified staff

Tragic Results

A misdiagnosis can have catastrophic results. Fatalities, permanent injuries and disabilities, and even loss of the ‘wrong’ limb have followed misdiagnoses. A patient may not receive life-saving treatment because of a misdiagnosis, or s/he may undergo painful, costly, unnecessary and/or debilitating treatment based on a faulty diagnosis.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney About Your Misdiagnosis

Individuals and families who have suffered due to a misdiagnosis can find top-notch legal representation at the offices of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman. Speak to one of our New York Medical Malpratice Attorneys today about your circumstances.


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