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New York City Verdicts and Settlements

Recent Verdicts and Settlements:

Lipsig client fell from roof edge where no safety netting was used during asbestos removal.

Lipsig client was a construction worker who was injured where a defective baker scaffold caused fall.

Lipsig client suffered injuries when struck by a falling beam at construction site.

Lipsig client was a plumber hanging pipe and was unable to use ladder. Ad hoc device failed,
causing serious fall and injuries.

Lipsig client was a construction worker who slipped and fell on construction debris.

47‐year‐old Lipsig cable installer fell due to an unsecured ladder at the work site.

Electrician Lipsig client was hurt in new building construction site from inadequate 6‐
ft. A‐frame ladder.

Lipsig client injured doing building demolition, standing on a wooden beam that broke.

Construction worker Lipsig client fell from scaffold that was the only means of
entrance to the work site.

Road paving Lipsig client worked on steam roller with a defective brake that rolled
down road’s hillside.

Office worker Lipsig client in lobby fell on wet floor where porter mopped and did
not use "Wet Floor" signs.

Lipsig client injured at construction site wen they fell from an unsafe 6‐ft. A‐Frame ladder.

Lipsig client was injured while using an unguarded circular saw on a construction job.

Lipsig client was a pedestrian struck by defendant vehicle.

Lipsig client was a motorcyclist struck by a vehicle that did not full stop at stop sign.

Lipsig client tripped on unsafely designed tiles in a city playground.

Example Cases

$8,250,000 Settlement for Lipsig Construction Worker Client

We are pleased to report this settlement for our Lipsig client who suffered injuries to his eye, neck and back due to a contractor’s blatant violation of the Labor Law.

Our client, like many other construction workers, suffered a preventable injury when his employer failed to follow the simplest of safety rules. Holding this construction contractor responsible puts all New York contractors on notice that they too can be held accountable for their substandard work practices.

We recognize the high-level legal work done by the Court in reaching its decision in favor of our client on our summary judgment motion on the liability issues in our client’s case.

We hope that our client and his family will now feel confident that their future is financially secure and that they and their children will have an opportunity for a better life.

Premises Liability Case – $43 Million Verdict For Fall Victim

Lipsig partner Alan Shapey successfully concluded a jury trial and won a $43 million verdict for our client from a Brooklyn jury. Our client was severely hurt when he fell from the roof of a luxury apartment building in Williamsburg Brooklyn while attending a party.

Our client asked the party’s host to use a bathroom. Since there was no bathroom on the roof, the host gave him an empty Gatorade bottle and told him to go to a more private spot and relieve himself. He walked to the edge of the roof and climbed up on the parapet wall, thinking in the darkness there was no gap between that building and one next door. There was actually a 2-1/2-foot gap between the buildings.

Our client lost his balance and fell 70 feet. The impact shattered his spine, and left him in a wheelchair for life.

The six-member jury voted in state Supreme Court to order the building’s developer to pay our client $43 million, $2.7 million for past damages, and $41 million for his future damages over the remaining 40 + years of his future life expectancy.

“One of the jurors told him afterward ‘We can’t bring your body back but at least we can make your life a little better,’” trial lawyer Alan Shapey said. “The tipping point, in this case, was his will to survive”.

The legal issue in the case hinged on a 1968 city law that requires a 10-foot-high fence around the edge of any rooftop used for recreation. The section where our client fell did not have such a fence. After the accident, the building attached wooden 2-by-4s to the top of the parapet as a safety barrier.

Shapey said the city’s statute is “as clear as day.” “There’s no wiggle room in the statute,” he said. “The city has a problem. They are letting non-compliant buildings be constructed. They have made this internal interpretation that’s not in the statute.”

Pedestrian Accident Case – $20 Million Jury Verdict For Injured Pedestrian

motor vehicle and pedestrian accident Verdicts Hall of Fame Award
Lipsig partner Alan Shapey secured a verdict of more than $20 million against the New York City Transit Authority for our client, who was severely injured when a New York City bus struck her as she crossed the street.

The verdict was recognized as the 5th-largest awarded in New York for a motor vehicle accident between 2010 and 2015. Lipsig, Shapey, Manus and Moverman was inducted into the New York Law Journal’s Verdicts & Settlement Hall of Fame in acknowledgment of the achievement.

Mr. Shapey was successful in demonstrating that our client had upheld her own obligations as a pedestrian: crossing the street within the crosswalk, waiting until the pedestrian crossing signal had changed and checking both ways for oncoming traffic. Despite taking the appropriate cautions, our client was struck by a New York City bus and suffered severe personal injuries.

Our client, a 59-year-old woman and resident of Long Island City, lost her leg and arm in the accident, along with being blinded in one eye. She spent 10 months in the hospital. The jury’s verdict, handed down by a judge for the Queens Supreme Court, is intended to pay for our client’s medical care for the next 24 years.

Construction Accident Case – $20 Million Verdict for our construction worker client.

Lipsig partner Alan Shapey completed a three-week long jury trial on July 2, 2013, when the jury returned a damages verdict of over $20 million for our client. Our client, a construction worker, was injured while working in an excavation trench in the Bronx that, due to unsafe shoring, partially collapsed. He was working with a demolition power saw and was struck by the collapsing dirt. We proved that the owner of the property was legally responsible for his injury. He suffered deep lacerations that required over 100 sutures in his face and chest and he had serious traumatic injuries to his neck, back, and shoulder. In the verdict, we recovered damages for his loss of earnings, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. New York Verdicts and Settlements

Recent Court Decision – $18,000,000 for Lead Poisoning Damages

On July 15, 2022, the Lipsig firm obtained an $18,000,000 damages award against the owner of a building in Far Rockaway in Queens, NY.

The case arose from severe lead poisoning sustained by a child when he was only 2 years old and was exposed to chipping and peeling lead paint and paint dust in his apartment owned by the defendant. The building was very old, but paint with high concentrations of lead was widely used in buildings built before 1960. When paint begins to chip and peel, it creates small particles and dust that pose a severe health hazard for young children and toddlers.

This child suffered brain damage as a result of his high blood lead levels, and will never lead a normal life. Years earlier, a settlement was reached with a lead abatement contractor who failed to properly remove the lead hazards, and in fact made it worse, contributing to this child’s high blood lead levels.

Lead poisoning is still a very real problem in the City of New York, especially for children ages 1-3 who live in buildings built before 1960.

The damages awarded to our client, when entered as a judgment with interest, are in excess of $39,000,000.

Negligent Security Case – $13 Million Verdict in favor of a Lipsig client.

Lipsig partners Tom Moverman and Marc Freund tried the case over the last two months against a security company that negligently allowed a violent former resident into a shelter where she attacked and assaulted the victim, a staff worker. The security company disregarded an earlier threat against the worker by the assailant and an attack against the Director of Social Services and then allowed her into the staff office where the attack took place. The jury found that security company was negligent and that it recklessly disregarded the safety of the injured staff worker.

Our client suffered serious injuries to her spine and needed a fusion surgery of three vertebrae in her neck and then a surgical implant of a spinal cord neuro-stimulator for pain management.

Our client was unable to return to work after the fusion surgery. The jury’s decision provided our client with funds for her loss of earnings and for her future medical expenses as well as her pain and suffering.

Slip & Fall – Lipsig settles fractures bone in foot for $2 million

Our client, an executive, was injured when she fell on a wet lobby floor in a Manhattan office building. Lipsig partner Alan Shapey proved that the marble floor was slippery over 2 hours after a heavy rain fall. The building’s porter was assigned to mop the wet floor but did not post a sign that warned of the dangerous condition.

Our 36-year old Lipsig law firm client suffered a fracture of one small bone and two torn ligaments and a torn tendon in her foot. She did not go to a hospital. An orthopedist diagnosed a sprained ankle. Although the orthopedic injuries were not severe, due to the trauma our client developed CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome), a chronic painful condition in her foot.

Lipsig trial partner Alan Shapey was able to prove that this injury impaired our client’s career and her future promotions, although she was able to continue to work at her job. Alan Shapey demonstrated the negative impact on our client’s personal life. Our expert economist projected her future loss of earnings and cost of future medical care.

At a recent mediation, the Lipsig law firm was able to obtain a $2 million settlement for our client, without waiting for the New York state courts to assign a jury trial date.

Settlements from Lawyers Who Fight to Win

Many of our personal injury verdicts and settlements have been multi-million-dollar recoveries for our clients. Our experience and devotion to fighting for justice for our clients is part of what makes the Lipsig law firm so successful at what we do. Our team of top trial lawyers and prominent New York litigators concentrates our practice on personal injury lawsuits. Selecting an attorney to represent you is an important decision. If you or someone you love has received a serious personal injury caused by accident or negligence, we will investigate your case thoroughly, review all of your options, and then fight to get you the largest personal injury verdict or settlement that you deserve. We are committed to getting you the maximum settlement or award to which you are entitled under the law.

A Few of Our Multi-Million-Dollar Personal Injury Verdicts

Lead Paint Poisoning Case – $50,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $50 million verdict for a young child who developed severe brain damage as a result of lead poisoning. The building owner where the child lived was found negligent.

Faulty Traffic Light Case – $39,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $39 million verdict for a 12-year-old boy who was struck by an automobile because the City failed to install a traffic light.

Bus Accident Case – $20,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

A Queens woman who lost an arm and a leg and was blinded in one eye after she was struck by a bus in 2009 has won a $20 million judgment.

Lead Paint Poisoning Case – $12,720,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $12.72 million verdict in Infant Lead Poisoning Case.

Subway Accident Case – $10,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $10 million verdict for our client, a man who fell on the elevated subway train tracks and was struck by a train on September 3, 2007.

School Assault Case – $10,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $10 million verdict for a young girl who was violently assaulted in the stairwell of a City public school.

Defective Seat Belt – $9,500,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $9.5 million verdict for the family of a woman killed by a defectively designed belt during a low-speed collision at a Bronx intersection.

Subway Accident Case – $9,300,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $9.3 million verdict for a 29-year-old man who lost his left arm and suffered an open skull fracture as the result of being struck by a subway train.

Intruder Assault and Defamation – $6,000,000 Personal Injury Verdict

Won a $6 million verdict for a woman who was brutally attacked and stabbed in her apartment building due to poor security.

Slip & Fall – $2,300,000 Settlement

Pre-trial settlement for a 37-year-old man who fell down on stairs due to a defective handrail after visiting a family member’s building.

Slip & Fall – $1,600,000 Settlement

Fall on Defective Pavement at Building Entrance – Lipsig Law Firm obtains $1.6 million settlement – 1 ½ year after injury. Recent

Results Bus Accident – $17 Million

57-year-old woman struck by a bus causing leg and arm amputations and loss of sight in one eye. We obtained a jury verdict for our client and her case was then settled during the appeal.

Medical Malpractice & Premises Negligence – $6.4 Million

44 year old fell in mall parking lot hole caused by a plow; client’s fractured elbow pain was ignored by hospital and doctors causing compartment syndrome and permanent impaired use of his arm.

Medical Malpractice & Premises Negligence – $5.347 Million

53-year-old airport worker right leg was caught in airplane stair that was mechanically lowered as he was walking down the steps.

Premises Negligence – $4.9 Million

The 30-year-old busboy who was assaulted and thrown from a roof due to inadequate security at his apartment building.

Premises Negligence – $4.625 Million

Broadway actor fell through a stage trap door that we proved was defectively designed for safety. He sustained fractures to the pelvis, right forearm, ribs, sternum, vertebrae, left foot and needed multiple surgeries. We hired engineers and we built a full-scale version of the stage equipment to prove the dangers for the actors.

Construction Accident – $4.5 Million Settlement

Obtained a settlement after a jury was selected for our client who fell 15 feet when a ladder slipped out during construction work. Our client suffered injuries to both of his heels and needed surgery to both lower legs.

Premises Liability – $4.25 Million Verdict

Our client slipped on an icy ramp at her building and suffered an ankle fracture that required surgery. We presented evidence that proved that the building’s maintenance crew improperly shoveled snow that fell several days earlier. The jury found the building 100% at fault.

Subway Accident – $4 Million

50-year-old male was struck by a train when he fell on the tracks while intoxicated and suffered amputations of both legs. We obtained a jury verdict in his favor and his case was settled during the appeal by defendant.

Slip & Fall – $3 Million

44-year-old man fell due to defective stair edge in his apartment building. After surgery to his fractured right wrist, he developed a well-known complication: compartment syndrome of the right forearm.

Slip & Fall – $2.9 Million

47-year-old IT specialist who was struck by a car in the crosswalk and fractured his ankle.

Premises Negligence – $2.7 Million

12 year old tripped and fell due to the protruding base of scaffold support pole causing him extensive injuries to his left leg requiring multiple surgeries.

Scaffold Accident – $2.6 Million

25 year old construction worker who fell from a defective scaffold. He sustained fractured ribs, multiple injuries to his left knee requiring surgery and fusion surgery to his lower back.

Construction Accident – $2.5 Million

63 year old asbestos worker who fell from a ladder at a worksite and fractured his femur and injured his back.

Bus Accident – $2.4 Million

Settled at trial for our forty-four-year-old client who was thrown down from a bus through the rear doors when the driver left the gear in reverse instead of the park at the bus stop and then jammed on the brakes to stop the bus from rolling. The defense argued that the low-speed event and her shortfall down the steps could not cause the injuries she suffered.

Bus Accident – $2.4 Million

60 year old woman struck by a NYC Transit bus causing degloving injury and fractures of her left leg. She needed multiple surgeries for the wound to the skin of her leg.

Premises Negligence – $2.3 Million

37 year old tourist from Guyana fell down a flight of stairs due to a defective handrail and fractured his right leg.

Motorcycle Accident- $2.2 Million

38-year-old restaurant manager who fractured his knee and wrist in a motorcycle incident.

Bus Accident – $2.15 Million

56 year old woman was dragged by an MTA bus after her coat was caught in the back doors causing degloving injury to left leg and fractures with surgeries.

Auto Accident – $1.975 Million

30 year old man involved in a motor vehicle accident with injury to his neck requiring surgery.

Construction Accident – $1.8 Million

47 year old construction worker struck by a construction bucket that fell causing him to suffer injuries to his shoulders and back and requiring several surgeries.

Construction Accident – $1.78 Million

31 year old construction worker who fell into a hole and suffered injuries to his back and neck.

Scaffold Accident – $1.75 Million

53 year old construction worker fell from a scaffold with multiple fractures in the pelvic area, traumatic brain injury, fractured fingers and back injuries.

Landlord Negligence – $1.7 Million

37 year old EMT who was injured in an elevator that was defective causing him injuries to both knees and back requiring surgeries. This case only settled during the damages trial in Court.

Premises Negligence – $1.6 Million

26 year old male who tripped and fell on a premises defect causing him to fracture his right, dominant hand and back injuries requiring surgeries.

Premises Negligence – $1.6 Million

27 year-old Brooklyn resident who fell on a cracked sidewalk ramp in front of an apartment building and required several back surgeries.

Scaffold Accident – $1.6 Million

50 year old construction worker who fell from a scaffold and suffered back and ankle injuries requiring surgeries.

Construction Accident – $1.5 Million

50 year-old construction laborer who fell from a scaffold and suffered back and ankle injuries.

Auto Accident – $1.5 Million

68 year old women struck by car exiting driveway suffered a fractured elbow with surgery; hardware removed one year later.

Premises Negligence – $1.45 Million

31 year old male injured when he fell into an uncovered and unguarded form for a concrete column causing him to endure multiple back surgeries.

Premises Negligence – $1.35 Million

42 year old man fell through an opening covered with unsecured plywood. He had rib fractures, lower back fractures, tears to knees requiring surgery with a partial loss of use of right arm and right leg.

Landlord Negligence – $1.2 Million

41 year old woman who was assaulted by a tenant due to negligent security. She suffered spinal cord injury in neck and had 2 injuries.

Electrical Accident – $1.1 Million

Our client is an electrician who was injured when she was sent to work on a high-voltage electrical panel box that was not de-energized by the general contractor. She was hurt when there was an electrical arc that caused an explosion just as she started to do the assigned work in the panel.

Construction Accident – $1.1 Million

44 year old ironworker who tripped and fell on steel plates causing injuries requiring surgery to his left knee.

Auto Accident – $1.1 Million

23 year old female passenger in a motor vehicle who suffered soft-tissue injuries to her neck, shoulder and knees with two arthroscopic surgeries. We tried this case before a jury and received a verdict of over $2 million. The case was settled during the appeal for almost all of the insurance coverage.

Premises Negligence – $640,000.00 Settlement

Obtained a settlement for our client who was injured while jogging at night due to a defective and dangerous sidewalk condition in front of a commercial building.

Premises Negligence – $350,000.00 Settlement

Obtained a settlement from the City for our client who was hurt when a poorly mounted street sign was blown off of the street light pole and struck her shoulder.

Premises Negligence – $250,000.00 Settlement

Obtained a settlement for our client, a high school student, who suffered hand injuries due to the use of non-tempered glass on the window of the door into his class room.

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome We work on a contingency basis, which means that you don’t pay a cent until you receive compensation, at which point you are charged a percentage of the settlement. There is no fee for our services unless a recovery is won. We offer a free initial consultation. If you or someone you love has been a victim of a serious personal injury and wish to bring legal action for compensation for physical and emotional damages click here to contact our personal injury attorneys . You may also call us toll free at: g> 212-285-3300 for a free consultation.

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