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NYC Cutting and Saw Accident Lawyers

Cutting and saw accidents are exactly as terrifying and dangerous as they sound. Such accidents often leave the fingers and/or hands injured, but this isn’t always the case. While cutting and saw accidents are nearly always serious, when they are especially serious – such as an accident that leads to an amputation – it can preclude the accident victim from ever returning to work. If you’ve been injured in a cutting or saw accident, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced NYC construction accident attorney for the professional legal counsel you need.

Recovering Compensation after a Construction Site Accident

Cutting and saw accidents are most common to construction work. As an employee, the State of New York’s workers’ compensation laws typically prevent you from bringing a lawsuit directly against your employer or a coworker. Instead, you are required to file your claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, which limits the type of compensation you can seek. However, if a third party, such as the saw’s manufacturer, shares responsibility or is fully responsible for your injuries, you are likely eligible to file suit against that party. Such claims and/or cases are complex, and the best path forward is to work closely with a dedicated construction accident lawyer.

Construction Accident Injuries

Every cutting and saw accident is different, and there are a number of serious injuries that victims can suffer. There are, however, certain kinds of injuries that are most closely associated with these dangerous accidents, including:

Any one of these injuries can upend your life in an instant and leave you facing a very difficult path toward recovered health.

Cutting and Saw Accident Damages

The damages associated with cutting and saw accidents are often extensive, and typically include:

  • Medical Expenses – Medical costs can extend from emergency care and transportation to surgery, aftercare, physical therapy, and beyond.
  • Lost Earnings – A serious cutting or saw injury can translate to considerable time lost on the job and to a serious diminishment in earned wages. When very serious, a cutting or saw injury can significantly diminish your earnings into the future or even leave you permanently disabled.

While workers’ compensation does not address pain and suffering, a lawsuit against a third-party can. For example, if your accident was caused by a defective saw, you may be able to bring a personal injury claim against the saw’s manufacturer and recover significantly more than you would through a workers’ compensation claim. For this reason, it’s always advisable to explore your legal options with an experienced lawyer.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced NYC Construction Accident Attorney

Cutting and saw accidents are especially dangerous. If you’ve been so injured, the dedicated construction accident attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman are committed to building your strongest case and to skillfully fighting for the compensation to which you are entitled. Ours is one of the oldest and best-established firms in the City, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 212-285-3300 for more information today.


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