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New York Escalator Accident Attorneys

Escalator Accident Lawyers in New York Helping Victims Get the Compensation They Deserve

Escalators are everywhere in New York City. It is hard to avoid them. Although they allegedly make it easier to move between levels in a building, the reality is that escalators are very dangerous. A study from the National Institutes of Health tabulated that around 10,000 escalator injuries require a trip to the hospital each year.

If you have been injured, you might qualify for compensation. You should meet with an experienced New York City premises liability attorney to go over your case.

Common Accidents and Injuries

An escalator involves interlocking steps and a handrail that moves. Unfortunately, one common cause of accidents involves body parts getting stuck in either the handrail or in between the steps. Hair, feet, and hands can get caught, which requires that the escalator be shut down quickly before a devastating accident occurs. Many people can end up losing a limb in an escalator accident when they get caught between the steps.

Other accidents involving tripping or slipping and falling down the escalator, often because it is unstable or because of grease on the treads. A person can hit every step on their way down before landing on the floor. Other people standing on the escalator are at risk of getting knocked down in a fall as well. Many victims end up suffering soft-tissue injuries like bruises, strains, or sprains. Others suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as a result of hitting their head on a step or the floor.

Proving Fault in an Escalator Accident

To receive compensation, you’ll need to identify who is to blame for the accident. In our experience, common defendants include:

  • The business that installed the escalator
  • The business that owns the escalator and is responsible for its maintenance
  • Maintenance crews
  • The escalator manufacturer or the manufacturer of a component part

One horrific escalator accident in China was caused because maintenance workers neglected to bolt the access cover at the top of the escalator. When a woman carrying her child stepped on the cover, it gave way, and the woman fell into the escalator shaft, ultimately dying. Small mistakes like that can carry fatal consequences.

Often, security footage in a mall or other business can help your attorney identify what is to blame for the accident. For example, it might identify a mistake that a repairman made. Other evidence includes eyewitness testimony as well as your own memories.

If the escalator was defective in design or manufacture, then you usually need an expert witness to review the escalator to find a defect. This expert could be an engineer that has either designed or repaired escalators and knows how they are supposed to work. One advantage of working with a New York City premises liability lawyer is that we know how to find credible expert witnesses who can stand up in court.

Meet with a Premises Liability Attorney in New York City

After an escalator accident, you might have no idea whether you have a valid claim. Contact Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman today. We are one of the oldest injury firms in the city, and we have obtained more than $800 million for our injured clients. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation by calling 917-813-3514.