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Brooklyn Toxic Exposure Lawyers

Toxic Exposure Lawyers in Brooklyn Representing Injured Victims

Businesses, workplaces, and homes are rife with toxic substances. Fortunately, few people end up absorbing or inhaling any of them. But if they do, then they can suffer serious injuries, including death.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping injured victims and their families hold entities accountable when toxic substances harm them. Many dangerous substances are closely regulated by the federal and state governments, but often negligent handling or repairs lead to contamination. Let one of our Brooklyn toxic substance attorneys help you with your claim.

Toxic Substances

Some of the more dangerous substances include:

  • Asbestos. This substance was used as insulation for decades until its safety was called into question. Asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, a particular type of lung cancer, and should be removed safely from a building.
  • Benzene. This chemical can cause acute leukemia and other health problems.
  • Mold. Leaky rooves and other defects can lead to water intrusion, which can cause mold do grow behind drywall. Mold exposure often leads to flu-like symptoms, including runny nose, nausea, and headaches.
  • Lead. The federal government banned lead paint in residential and public buildings in 1978. However, many landlords have not fully removed the lead paint from their buildings. Children who ingest the paint can experience developmental problems.
  • Coal tar. This substance has been shown to lead to many different cancers. People can inhale it in aerosolized form.
  • Beryllium alloys. When these alloys are ground, cut, or sanded, then people can inhale the dust. Some might develop health problems related to the exposure.
  • Diesel fume. Recent research has developed a link between lung cancer and exposure to diesel fumes.

The above are only some of the more common toxic substances that people can come in contact with. There are many more, especially in Brooklyn with its history of heavy industry.

Holding a Property Owner Accountable

People can be exposed to toxic substances in many different environments. Each presents unique issues regarding liability and compensation.

For example, some people are exposed at work. New York’s workers’ compensation laws will apply regarding how much you can receive in compensation as well as whether you can sue your boss. Some cases turn on whether toxic substances were properly labeled and whether an employer provided adequate personal protection equipment.

Other exposure takes place at someone’s home or in a public environment, such as a store or outside in the public square. Identifying the source of the toxic substance is often a critical first step. Then we can analyze how the entity handled the toxic substances.

Many different areas of law, such as product liability and premises liability, intersect when it comes to analyzing legal claims involving toxic substances. Your attorney should have the right combination of experience in all relevant areas of law.

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