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NYC Uneven & Damaged Floors Trips Accident Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents are both very common and very dangerous. While slipping and falling may not sound especially terrifying, these accidents can be far more dangerous than people realize, and when they happen from heights – such as on stairs – they are more dangerous still. Inadequate maintenance that leads to uneven and damaged floors is often the cause of dangerous slip and fall accidents. If you’ve been so injured, don’t put off consulting with an experienced NYC personal injury attorney.

Tripping Hazards

When you head into a store to make a purchase, into a business for an appointment, into a restaurant to pick up dinner – or go anywhere else – you’re probably not worried about the condition of the enterprise’s floor. The last thing you expect is to slip and fall in the course of your day, but when businesses fail to maintain their floors in reasonable conditions for their customers’ safe passage, dangerous slip and fall accidents become more likely.

Worn Flooring

No floor is ever perfectly even and free from flaws, but over time – or due to poor design – some floors are far more dangerous than others. All of the following can contribute to this fact:

  • Flooring that is uneven or damaged
  • Flooring that is frayed, cracked, bunched, torn, loose, or otherwise worn
  • Flooring that is too slippery by design
  • Stairways with slippery, loose, or dangerously worn coverings (falls from heights are especially dangerous)
  • Inadequate lighting that prevents patrons from recognizing the uneven or damaged condition of the floor on which they are walking

Patrons of stores and other businesses generally aren’t on high alert when it comes to their safe passage through said establishments, and they shouldn’t have to be.

The Elements of Your Slip and Fall Claim

In order to prevail on your slip and fall claim, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that the following elements are present:

  • That there was a dangerous condition on the property, such as an uneven or damaged floor
  • That the property owner or manager knew about – or reasonably should have known about – the dangerous condition before you slipped and fell
  • That the property owner or manager had sufficient time to reasonably rectify the dangerous condition but failed to do so
  • That the dangerous condition was the direct cause of your slip and fall accident and resulting injuries

Property owners are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe walking surfaces that are neither dangerously uneven nor damaged. When they fail to do so, serious slip and fall accidents and injuries can occur as a result.

Reach Out to an Experienced New York City Personal Injury Attorney Today

If an uneven or damaged floor in a store, restaurant, business, or other entity leaves you injured in a slip and fall accident, the intrepid personal injury attorneys at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman – proudly serving New York City for more than sixty years – have the experience, skill, and resources to help guide your claim toward its most favorable resolution. Your rights matter, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 212-285-3300 for more information today.


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