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New York City Parking Lot Accident Lawyers

Representing Victims of Parking Lot Accidents in New York City, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens

Both pedestrians and motor vehicles can be involved in parking lot accidents in New York City and the surrounding areas. The good news, however, is that due to limited space in parking lots, vehicles tend to move more slowly, and the accidents and injuries sustained are usually not as serious as those that occur on the open road.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury in a parking lot accident, you should hire experienced legal counsel to represent you in your case as soon as possible. The experienced New York City parking lot accident lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman can review and investigate your case, explain your legal options to you, and help you pursue monetary recovery for your injuries and damages.

Responsibility of Parking Lot Owners

In some cases, the owner of the parking lot where the accident occurs can be deemed fully or partially responsible for the accident and the resulting injuries sustained. In addition to making sure that their parking lots comply with all of the applicable safety standards, parking lot owners must also undertake reasonable inspections of their parking lots and take measures to warn about or repair any dangerous conditions.

Although the parking lot owner’s negligence must lead to the accident and injuries, parking lot owners are only responsible for warning about or correcting unreasonable risks or conditions on the premises – not the smallest imperfections.

Responsibility of Motor Vehicle Drivers

In addition to parking lot owners, or in the alternative, a negligent motor vehicle driver could be fully or partially to blame for a pedestrian accident that occurs in a parking lot. Motor vehicle driver negligence can take several different forms in the context of a parking lot accident, including the following:

● Distracted driving, including improper GPS or cell phone use while driving

● Speeding through the parking lot

● Disobeying traffic signals and signs present throughout the lot

● Failing to allow pedestrians the right-of-way at crosswalks which are located throughout the parking lot

● Driving while under the improper influence of drugs or alcohol

● Driving too fast for the weather or traffic conditions in existence at the time of the accident

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It goes without saying that pedestrians who are present in parking lots have limited protection. When a pedestrian falls to the ground and strikes his or her arm, back, head, or other body part, serious injuries can result. Those injuries could include traumatic head injuries, fractures, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and even death.

If you have suffered injuries in a parking lot, the knowledgeable lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman can go to the scene, investigate the circumstances of your accident, and help you pursue monetary compensation from the at-fault party.

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