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If you’ve ever felt your vehicle’s tires lose traction and slide on black ice, you know how terrifying that can be. The fact is that, once you hit black ice at any significant speed, your ability to control your car can swiftly disappear. Black ice on sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots is just as dangerous and often leads to extremely serious slip and fall accidents and parking lot accidents. If you’ve been injured on black ice, consult with a dedicated New York black ice attorney today.

Black Ice: What’s It All About

Black ice is especially tricky because it’s reflective surface can become an optical illusion that tricks you into thinking you’re walking or driving on a clear, dry surface. In other words, there’s often very little warning when it comes to black ice on your path. There are, however, certain conditions that are closely associated with the creation of black ice.

Black ice is usually caused by rain or sleet that hits a roadway or other surface with a temperature that’s at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (freezing temperature). Because the precipitation freezes the moment it hits the ground, it can create a smooth-as-glass surface that may look like ice and that may not, depending upon the color of the roadway or walkway, the lighting, and other factors. Additionally, sometimes, snow and/or choppy ice will melt and refreeze into smooth black ice.

Black Ice: Where it Hides

Black ice commonly hides in plain sight. When the temperature of the ground is at freezing or below and rain or sleet comes down, there’s likely black ice lurking somewhere. Shady areas that don’t get much sunshine are extremely vulnerable to black ice. This means that you should be especially cautious when traveling through tunnels and in especially shady areas. Remember, too, that bridges and bypasses freeze before other parts of the roadway, so proceed with caution.

Black ice is more likely to form between sundown and sunrise, when the temperatures are at their lowest and the sun is not at work burning the black ice away. If you’re traveling at night or first thing in the morning and the conditions for black ice are present, alter your speed accordingly.

Motorist Negligence

Motorists are responsible for driving in accordance with the conditions of the road, and if the conditions necessary for black ice are present, this includes slowing down considerably. If a driver who refuses to take the effects of the weather into consideration leaves you injured in a black ice accident, you need the professional legal services of an experienced New York black ice attorney .

If a Negligent Driver Leaves You Injured in a Black Ice Accident, Consult with an Experienced New York Black Ice Accident Attorney Today

Black ice leads to some of the most dangerous accidents on our roadways and walkways. If a negligent property owner or motorist leaves you injured in a black ice accident, the experienced legal team at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman in New York is here to help. Our firm has been providing exceptional legal counsel for 80 years, and our skilled black ice accident lawyers have the commitment and experience to help guide your claim toward its most positive resolution. For a free initial consultation, please contact or call us at 212-285-3300 today.


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