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New York City Construction Accident Settlements & Results

The construction accident lawyers at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C. have one goal: to recover the maximum compensation New York State law will allow in your claim.

With over 80 combined years of practical experience, our attorneys have consistently exceeded expectations, securing significant verdicts and settlements that put our clients back on an even footing, and allow them to prepare for a prosperous future.

Construction Accident Results

Construction accident law is one of our firm’s primary focuses, and we’ve helped numerous working families rebuild after a serious injury.

Our approach is always thorough, reasoned and fully informed. But it’s also aggressive; we’d do anything to see our clients succeed.

Looking for proof? Take a moment to review our most recent construction accident victories.


Our client, a construction worker in the Bronx, was working in an excavation trench, when the hole collapsed in on him due to inadequate shoring. At the time, he was using a power saw and suffered severe lacerations to his face and chest, along with back, neck and shoulder injuries from the falling dirt.

After a jury trial that lasted three weeks, our construction accident lawyers proved conclusively that his employer was legally responsible for the injuries. The jury awarded our client $20 million for pain and suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses.


In lengthy trial held in Suffolk County, a New York City suburban county, the issue for the jury was the amount of damages that the Lipsig Law firm client, a construction worker, had suffered due to a fall from a defective scaffold several years earlier. Alan Shapey had to prove to the jury that the client’s injury, a lumbar disc herniation that required surgery over 3 years later, was caused by the fall.

Alan Shapey presented testimony from treating doctors, including an orthopedic surgeon, a radiologist and a spinal surgeon, as well as an economist. The jurors in Suffolk County returned a verdict above $6,000,000 for our Lipsig Law firm client.

When legal interest is added to the verdict, the total amount recovered by the Lipsig Law firm client will be over $8,000,000. Adding to the difficulty of this trial was the fact that investigators had taken 14 hours of video surveillance of our client and these videos were played to the jury by the defense attorneys.


Our Lipsig client was injured when working on a four-foot "baker" scaffold at a construction site. The scaffold tipped over when one of its wheels fell off. Our client, a 35 year old laborer, injured his shoulder and neck and needed surgery. At his jury trial, Lipsig partner Charles Wisell obtained a verdict in his favor for $6.7 million for his pain and suffering and economic damages. During appeals by the defense, Lipsig was able to settle his case for $7.25 million.


Almost six years ago, our client was working at a construction project in the Brooklyn Marine Terminal. Because of the unsafe working conditions and defective equipment, he fell while working on scaffolding. In 2017 a judge determined that the City of New York and the contractors it employed were responsible for our client’s fall. Despite this decision, the City still refused to accept responsibility for its work-site safety failures. The defendants waged litigation war on our client including aggressive surveillance tactics, stalking him on social media , and general attacks on his good name.

On March 19, 2019, after a three-week long trial, a Brooklyn jury awarded our client $6.7 million dollars in damages. The jury rightly rejected these predatory tactics and unsupported arguments and understood that plaintiffs injuries were caused by the fall, were life changing, would require future medical care, and that he would not be able to work again. They awarded him money for his pain and suffering, his lost wages, and his necessary medical treatment.

The verdict was a resounding win for the working man. It was the conclusion to years of fighting to get justice for our client. Charles Wisell made sure that the jury understood the medical evidence and how to fairly compensate our client. The money our client will receive will assure that this hard working man will have the money he needs to care for himself and his family now and in the future.


Our Lipsig law firm client, a 43-year old cable installer, was injured when an A-frame ladder tipped as he was pulling cable wires in an office renovation in Manhattan. Lipsig partner Tom Moverman proved a violation of NY state's Labor Law 240(1) since the owner and general contractor did not provide any safety devices to prevent the ladder or the cable installer from falling.

Our client, although he did not seek immediate medical care and returned to work for 2 months after the fall, suffered injuries to his neck, low back and knee that later required surgery. Lipsig partner Tom Moverman proved his future lost wages and future medical treatment costs. Even with NY state courts still working on a Covid-related very reduced schedule, the Lipsig law firm was able to obtain a $4.5 million settlement for our hard-working client in 2022.


Our client, a 42-year-old roofer, fell from an unsafe ladder, fracturing his left leg and requiring four surgeries. Our personal injury lawyers were successful in securing $3 million for his recovery.


A 55-year-old laborer contacted our construction accident team after falling from an unsecured ladder. In his fall, our client suffered multiple fracture dislocations to his right foot, and treatment required three separate surgeries. We recovered a total of $3 million for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.


Our client, a 26-year-old construction worker, fell through a defective outdoor scaffold on a roof renovation project. He suffered severe knee and back injuries. Our personal injury attorneys were able to recover $2.6 million in compensation.


We obtained nearly two million dollars for our client, a 46-year-old carpenter who fell approximately three feet from a defective baker scaffold. The client was diagnosed with a disc / osteophyte complex in his neck and a torn meniscus in his knee in the weeks following his fall.


Our client was injured during a fall from an unsecured ladder. We settled the case just before trial for $1.8 million.


After being struck by a falling bucket, our client, a 47-year-old construction worker, sustained serious injuries to his shoulders and back. Treatment called for several surgeries, and we were able to secure $1.8 million in compensation.


Our client, a 44-year-old electrician, was electrocuted and fell 14 feet. He suffered extremely severe injuries, including multiple clavicle and rib fractures. Surgery was extensive, but we were able to recover $1.2 million.

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Please note that prior outcomes do not guarantee similar results in the future. Every case is different.

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