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Spending time in a swimming pool or jacuzzi is a great way to unwind and have some family fun. Unfortunately, accidents happen much more often than people realize. These accidents can leave people, especially children, with serious injuries, some of which prove fatal.

If you have suffered an injury while in the water, please contact our law firm today. Our Brooklyn swimming pool/jacuzzi attorneys have the experience necessary to fight for fair compensation.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Many people can suffer an injury in their own pool, a neighbor’s pool, or a public pool on government or private property. For example, people can be injured in a hotel, at the local YMCA, or at a public pool during the summer.

The most common causes of injuries include:

  • Vacuum drains without covers, which can cause a person to become submerged underwater
  • Lack of safety equipment
  • Missing signage to signal which end is shallow
  • Lack of lifeguards or insufficiently trained lifeguards
  • Defective parts of the pool
  • Defective or missing pool lights
  • Overcrowded pools

Many of these accidents could have been avoided had the pool owner or operator been more careful. For example, the owner should not allow the pool to become overcrowded. They should also have the pool inspected and fix any defects that they know about.

Owners also need to limit the ability of children to access a swimming pool when there is no adult around. For example, they might need to install a gate and/or alarm system so that they know when children are near the water. When owners fail to act in a prudent manner, serious accidents can occur.

Jacuzzi Accidents

Hot tub injuries are also fairly common. According to one study, over 6,600 injuries were suffered each year, with both children and older adults being victimized.

By far, the most common accident involved a slip and fall, which could result in lacerations or head injuries. Children typically suffered near-drowning incidents, along with injuries related to suction drains.

In many accidents, the poor design of the pool contributes to injuries. For example, slip-resistant pads around the hot tub could reduce the number of falls. Other parts need to be designed so that children do not get body parts stuck in them and sometimes drown.

Owner error can also be to blame. For example, when a hot tub is not in use, it should be covered so that children cannot fall into it and drown.

Suing for Compensation

In our experience, different people and entities could be to blame for the accident. Some of the common include:

  • The owner or operator of the pool or jacuzzi
  • The manufacturer, if the pool or jacuzzi (or a part) was defective
  • Any person who made negligent repairs to the pool or jacuzzi
  • Lifeguards, if they failed to act in a prudent manner

The amount of compensation will depend on many factors, such as the seriousness of the injury and the amount of insurance that the owner possesses.

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