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New York City Construction Vehicle Accident Lawyers

New York Auto Accident Lawyers Representing the Rights of Individuals Injured by Construction Vehicles

Construction sites teem with vehicles. These vehicles transport materials to and from the construction site and lift heavy materials for use when building high rises. Unfortunately, all vehicles pose a danger to those working on a job site, as well as to innocent bystanders who might be walking past.

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Cement Trucks

Cement trucks are also called concrete mixers. They can mix the concrete inside a drum attached to the back and then pour it in the desired location using pumps and hoses. Cement trucks can collide with pedestrians and workers, just like any other truck. Defects with the pumps and hoses could also lead to injuries.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks usually transport material like gravel to a job site. They can also carry waste products to the dump. These trucks pose special problems. For one, they can become unstable when the box is lifted. For another, material can come flying off a dump truck if a tarp or netting is not tied over the box. Debris that escapes a dump truck can hit other vehicles or force them to swerve and then collide with other motorists.


Forklifts lift and carry heavy loads around the job site, such as stacks of drywall. A forklift operator must be careful lifting the material and not collide with anyone during transport. If the load is not properly secured to the lift, then material can slide off and strike a construction worker.


Cranes lift heavy materials several stories on a construction site. Chains or a hoist rope can be used to lift heavy materials. Cranes can be seen around the city’s skyline.

Accidents involving cranes often stem from a careless operator or from overloading the crane with material, which can cause the boom to collapse. If a crane is not properly anchored, then it can tip over. If set up on top of a building, then the crane could fall to the ground, crushing pedestrians on the sidewalk or motorists in the road.


Large trucks like tractor-trailers can transport materials to many job sites. Sometimes tractors are left at the site to act as storage. Tractor-trailer accidents have many causes. Sometimes, the truck will jackknife because the coupling fails or because the cargo has not been properly loaded. An unbalanced trailer is at risk of rolling over because it has a high center of gravity.

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