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Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are common to nearly any kind of work because many jobs generally require us to perform the same tasks and make the same kinds of motions repeatedly – day after day. These injuries often build up slowly but can lead to serious, debilitating pain that can interfere with your ability to work and even with the trajectory of your career into the future. If you’ve acquired an RSI on the job, you need an experienced Brooklyn workers’ compensation attorney on your side. 

Repetitive Stress

RSI are injuries caused by repetitive movement, and these injuries can be brought on by a wide variety of jobs and attendant tasks. Nevertheless, RSIs are most common to office work and manual labor – such as factory work and construction work. Medical News Today reports several significant facts related to repetitive stress injuries (also known as repetitive strain injuries), including:

  • Repetitive motion in one part of the body can negatively affect the muscles in another part of the body.
  • Modern technology has lead to an increase in RSIs.
  • The psychological stress and monotony (such as the kind generated by a highly repetitive job) can exacerbate the effects of an RSI.
  • Improving workplace practices can help lessen the risk of RSIs.

Repetitive Stress Injury Symptoms

Medical News Today shares the symptoms most commonly associated with RSIs, including:

  • Pain and/or tenderness in the affected joint or muscle
  • Tingling (especially in the hand or arm)
  • A throbbing or pulsating feeling in the affected body part
  • Loss of sensation in the affected body part
  • Loss of strength in the affected body part

Those areas most commonly affected by RSIs include the hands, wrists, and elbows.

Causes of Repetitive Stress Injuries

RSIs can be caused by nearly any repetitive motion, but they are often directly brought on by the kind of repetitive motion necessary for construction work, factory work, and office work. For example:

  • The overuse of a specific muscle or group of muscles – such as when you repeatedly make the same motions in an assembly line or when typing at your desk all day.
  • Working around large, vibrating equipment – such as the machinery commonly used in factories and on construction sites
  • Working in the cold temperatures common to construction work
  • Working in a workspace that is not ergonomically designed
  • Holding the same posture for long periods – such as desk work and factory work often require
  • Carrying the heavy loads that are common to construction work and factory work

In other words, many jobs are practically breeding grounds for repetitive stress injuries.

If You’ve Suffered an RSI on the Job, Contact an Experienced Brooklyn Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

An RSI suffered on the job is not only painful and physically debilitating but can also alter the course of your career. Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman is one of the oldest personal injury firms in the city – with some of the largest verdicts and settlements, and our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers are on your side. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 212-285-3300 to schedule a free consultation today.


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