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Why is The Long Island Expressway So Dangerous?

September 28, 2022
Long Island Expressway

Interstate 495, commonly known as the Long Island Expressway (LIE), is a very busy highway that runs through three NY counties: Suffolk, Nassau, and Queens. This 71-mile highway directly links Long Island and NYC. Numerous accidents have occurred on this infamous highway, and most of them happened due to driver negligence and design and structural issues. The following factors make the Long Island Expressway dangerous and prone to serious accidents:

Negligent Driving Behaviors

Drunk driving, distracted driving, drugged driving, aggressive driving, drowsy or fatigued driving (mostly among truck drivers), and other negligent driving behaviors have all caused accidents on the LIE. A lot of motorists have also been known to drive over the speed limit when on the LIE, and enforcement of traffic laws has been lacking. The LIE is perfect for vehicles to speed on because it is wide and resembles a racetrack. This allows motorists to go over 100 mph, which endangers the lives of the other road users.

Potholes and Other Structural Issues

Motorists who frequently drive on the LIE have been complaining about the massive vehicle-destroying potholes for many years. Potholes must be repaired as soon as possible because they become bigger and deeper over time. New York experiences freeze-thaw consistently throughout the winter season. When water seeps under the asphalt, the asphalt will break down little by little, leading to potholes. Further exacerbating this problem is the heavy congestion on LIE and commercial trucks.

Commercial Trucks on The Long Island Expressway

Tankers and commercial trucks regularly travel the span of the LIE, adding another hazard to this already dangerous roadway. There are vehicles going as fast as 100 mph, traveling alongside massive trucks, and one wrong move can result in a devastating or fatal crash. Fatigue or drowsiness due to the long hours of driving is one of the top causes of truck accidents.

Pedestrian Traffic

In certain areas of the Long Island Expressway, especially in Queens, pedestrian traffic is common. While pedestrians can’t cross the highway, they can cross the streets, Queens Boulevard, for instance, which runs under it. Areas like these tend to have heavy pedestrian traffic, and motorists who are distracted or otherwise breaking a traffic law can end up hitting unsuspecting pedestrians.

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