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What Safety Gear Should Be At Every Construction Site?

September 24, 2022
Construction safety equipment

A broad range of hazards exists in all construction sites in New York, from falling objects to sharp objects, noise, chemicals, flying sparks, and other potentially hazardous and deadly situations. This is why the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and state law requires employers to protect their employees from hazards that can result in injuries.

At the very least, employers in the construction industry must provide the following safety gear or personal protective equipment to their employees:

  • Eye Protection: Employers must provide eye protection appropriate for the hazard involved. They must also ensure that workers wear eye protection while welding, during cutting or burning operations, when grinding or cutting material that may fly into the eyes, or while doing any work that may potentially harm the eyes.
  • Head Protection: Employers must provide an approved hard hat or safety hat when working or passing areas where employees may be struck by materials or falling objects or bump their heads. Head protection must fit properly for the worker’s head size and body because if it’s too small or too big, it will be deemed inappropriate for use, regardless of whether it meets all the requirements. Properly fitted hats can safeguard workers from penetration and impact hazards, burn hazards, and electrical shock.
  • Foot Protection: Employers must provide all workers required to pass in or work in water, wet concrete, mud, or other wet surfaces with waterproof boots with safety insoles or pullover boots or safety shoes with rubber covering.
  • Protection Against Corrosive Substances: Employees required to handle or utilize chemicals or corrosive substances must wear proper protective clothing and eye protection.
  • Waterproof Clothing: Whenever necessary, employers must provide employees with waterproof pants, hats, and coats when working in the snow, rain, or similar wet conditions.
  • Respirators: If needed, employers must provide workers with respirators that are approved for the specific air contaminant present and the particular kind of operation it must be used. Employers must likewise ensure that the respirator is always in good working condition.
  • Fall Protection Gear: If necessary, employers must provide workers with harnesses, tail lines, safety belts, and lifelines to protect against fall hazards.

In addition, employers must provide workers with proper instruction and adequate training on the protective equipment to be used to help ensure maximum protection. They are also required to maintain and regularly inspect the protective equipment to ensure that they’re in proper working condition.

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