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New York is The Deadliest State for Construction Workers

September 12, 2022
Seriously injured construction worker

Based on a report released by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), New York and NYC saw the most construction injuries and deaths compared to other cities and states in the U.S. The report, released earlier this year, analyzed data from 2020 and concluded that NYC and New York State remained the most dangerous and deadliest places for construction workers, despite the work stoppages due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The construction death rate in the state went from 10.2 per 100,000 people to 11.1, an alarming 9% increase. 24% of worker fatalities in the state were construction workers. It is also vital to note that the fatality rate doesn’t include the numerous construction worker deaths due to workplace exposure to covid-19 and other occupational diseases.

In NYC, the rate of construction worker deaths went down for the first time in three years but remained above the national average, making up 22% of all worker deaths. Determining the specific causes of the decrease in construction worker deaths requires more long-term data, but the work stoppages due to the pandemic likely contributed to it.

Furthermore, the report found that since its inception, OSHA performed the lowest number of construction site inspections in 2020. While this is likely due to the slowdown and shutdowns in the construction industry, more analysis is required to find out how this historic decrease in inspections will set back all the efforts to protect worksites in the following years. 

Tragically, the report revealed that Latino construction workers have an increased risk of dying at worksites all over the state. Latino construction workers made up 10% of New York’s population in 2020, but they accounted for 18% of worker deaths. In addition, non-union worksites remain particularly hazardous for construction workers, with 79% of fatalities occurring at non-union sites.

According to Charlene Obernauer, executive director of NYCOSH, instead of being a national leader in workplace safety, the report uncovered that the state has the highest rate of construction worker deaths, despite the worksite closures during the pandemic. Lawmakers must expand and safeguard safety regulations to ensure that negligent companies and contractors are held liable when they endanger construction workers. She adds that while the state imposes many strong protections for workers, including the scaffold safety law, harsher consequences are needed for violators.

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