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What is a Coma, and How Long Does It Take to Recover?

July 9, 2022
Coma Patient

A coma is a condition or state of prolonged unconsciousness. It occurs when a permanent or temporary disruption of the brain function significantly impacts consciousness and can result in:

  • Inability to stay awake
  • Unconsciousness
  • Unresponsive to stimuli, including light, sound, and pain

It is usually caused by severe head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, or stroke. A coma can likewise result from poisoning and brain infections, such as encephalitis and meningitis.

What Happens When a Person is in a Coma?

While a comatose person or a person who’s in a coma is still alive, they can’t move at will. Usually, they can’t speak, think, or respond to stimuli. The first line of treatment is to mitigate brain damage and support other bodily functions. If the coma’s cause has been determined, medications for treating the cause or condition will be given to the patient, as in cases involving brain infections or drug overdose. In other cases, surgical intervention may be needed to address brain swelling.

Once the comatose person has been stabilized, the medical team will work to prevent bedsores, muscle contractures, and infections. They will also ensure that the patient will be given proper nutrition while in a coma.

What Does Coma Recovery Look Like?

A coma normally lasts for several weeks, and depending on the specific circumstances, the person may begin to regain consciousness and wake up gradually or progress into a minimally conscious or vegetative state. When the person is in a minimally conscious state, their awareness comes and goes and is very limited. But when a person is in a vegetative state, they are awake but show no indication of being aware of themselves or their surroundings.

Some individuals might recover from a coma gradually, while others might not experience any improvements for years. Likewise, some individuals will recover fully, while others may develop disabilities due to brain damage. They may require psychological support, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and care for the remainder of their lives.

It’s also very crucial to note that the chances of a person recovering from a coma significantly depend on the extent, cause, and severity of the injury, as well as their age and how long they have been comatose. Additionally, it’s impossible to predict whether they will recover, whether they will have long-term issues, and how long they will last.

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