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The United States: In Need of Infrastructure Repair

December 10, 2020
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According to Construction Dive, an online newsletter that focuses on headlines in the construction industry, our nation’s tunnels, bridges, dams, and drinking water lines are all in need of some serious repair. In fact, you might say that our infrastructure is crumbling, and while infrastructure-related disasters capture the nation’s attention, once the furor dies down, the immense cost of necessary repairs can lead to an ebb in taxpayer interest. If you’ve been injured in an accident (of any kind) that was caused by someone else or another entity’s negligence, don’t put off reaching out to an experienced NYC personal injury attorney.

The Hudson River Tunnel

A prime example of our deteriorating infrastructure is the Hudson River Tunnel, which was built in 1910 and is an integral part of travel through the northeast corridor that extends from D.C. to Boston. This 10-mile tunnel system allows 200,000 passengers on both Amtrak and New Jersey transit trains passage through its double tubes every day. Superstorm Sandy in 2012 flooded the structure, thus exacerbating the deterioration of this tunnel that is so integral to smooth transportation in the area. The corrosive chemicals left behind endanger the tunnel’s signaling and electrical system, which are naturally paramount to safe train operations. In fact, the Construction Dive article relays that the Hudson River Tunnel is only able to remain operable as a result of ongoing emergency-level maintenance, which is far from confidence-inspiring. Amtrack maintains that the tunnel is safe for passengers, but political antics at the national level leave the $11.6 restoration project at a standstill (after a commitment to pay half was reneged upon).

The Brooklyn Bridge

Construction Dive reports that the Brooklyn Bridge, which has connected the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn since 1882, is only one of 46,000 bridges in America that is deficient in terms of structure. There are multiple examples of structurally deficient bridges causing terrifying accidents and serious damage, including: 

  • In 2020, a piece of concrete fell off of a bridge over US-127 in Michigan and crashed through a passing motorist’s windshield, leaving her injured.
  • In 2018, a Missouri motorist was killed when a 2,700-pound chunk of concrete dropped from a St. Louis bridge.

Fortunately, the Brooklyn Bridge is in the process of receiving $238 million worth of rehabilitation that includes the cleaning and restoration of the bridge’s identifying arch blocks and granite towers. 

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