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Construction Worker Injured in Bronx Trench Collapse

January 31, 2022
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On December 16, 2021, firefighters struggled to release a construction worker who was trapped after a trench collapse accident in the Bronx. The collapse occurred at a construction site on Mosholu Ave. The worker was clearing a waste pipeline when the collapse occurred.

The rescuers used a ladder over the collapsed trench for stabilizing the worker, who was buried up to the waist in the 10-foot trench. Fortunately, the victim seemed fine and was responding to the rescuers and moving around throughout the two-hour ordeal. He was sent to Jacobi Hospital for treatment of severe injuries.

Construction sites contain a wide variety of hazards that can injure workers and even unlucky bystanders. Among these hazards are trench collapse accidents that come with an increased risk of serious injuries or death to injured construction workers.

Why Trench Accidents are Immensely Dangerous

To lay wires, cables, and pipes, underground construction workers must dig deep into the ground and labor for hours on end in unstable trenches. While trenches are normally reinforced with wood, metal, and mesh, they are still not 100% stable and safe. The ground can also shift over time due to constant work in the location and lead to an increased risk of instability, and sometimes, a collapse or cave-in.

OSHA categorizes trench accidents as caught-in-between accidents. These construction site accidents are also included in OSHA’s Fatal Four causes of serious injuries and deaths among workers.

During a trench cave-in, the structure’s integrity will be compromised to some degree, resulting in part of or the entire structure collapsing. Laborers working in the structure may be completely or partially covered by rubble, dirt, and other debris. Likewise, any vehicles or equipment in or near the area can topple and injure those working near them or operating them.

If a construction worker gets buried by debris, they can suffer all sorts of serious injuries, which can include multiple broken or crushed bones, internal organ damage, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and spinal cord damage, among many others.

Should the worker be completely buried, they can be suffocated and suffer fatal injuries. In addition, following a trench collapse accident, survivors also suffer severe trauma. Following a trench collapse accident, an injured construction worker will require immediate, extensive, and costly medical care.

Talk to a Top Bronx Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Now

After getting injured in a trench collapse accident in New York, you may have the right to seek workers’ compensation insurance benefits. However, this doesn’t automatically mean that you will receive them. Our Bronx workers’ compensation lawyer can review the circumstances surrounding your case and determine whether any third party may likewise be held liable for your injuries and related losses.

We can also pursue a wrongful death claim on your behalf if a family member was killed in a trench collapse accident. Reach out to the law firm of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, and set up your free case review by filling out our online form and calling 347-822-3937.


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