inside a subway car
09 April 2012

Alan Shapey, Train Accident Lawyer, Speaks On Frequent & Fatal Subway Crashes

As recently reported in the New York Post, in 2011, customers in New York City were struck by subway trains a staggering 147 times in 2011, and 128 times in 2010.

New York’s Recent Train Accident Epidemic

That is a two-year total of 275 people in New York City who were struck by subway trains, a frequency of almost 3 a week. Fatal subway accidents have become such a common occurrence that these incidents are not even reported in the press anymore.

Our firm has successfully represented many people who have been struck and either severely injured or killed when struck by subway trains.  We achieved a verdict in excess of $10 million in a case in the Bronx last year.

What Causes NYC Subway Accidents?

Our investigations often disclose that these incidents are in part caused by a combination of the train operator’s inattentiveness, or failure to act immediately, and stop the train in the emergency stopping mode, once they spot what appears to be an obstruction on the tracks.  Of the more that one dozen people we have represented who have been struck by trains, they weren’t injured by falling on the tracks, they were injured when a train did not stop in time.

Do I Need A Subway Accident Lawyer?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to discover the true facts without retaining counsel.  We have the ability to obtain all of the official reports of the incident, information downloaded from the train’s event data recorder (“black box”), and even the taped voice transmissions from the train operator and other personnel on the scene, which will assist us in reconstructing the accident, and finding out what really happened.

If you or a loved one finds themselves in this unfortunate situation, do not hesitate to contact expert accident attorneys at Lipsig for the sooner, the better.