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New York Ovarian Cancer Lawyers

There are few things that every single American woman has in common but the risk of developing ovarian cancer is one of them. Unlike other cancers, such as breast cancer, researchers have yet to identify what might put one woman more at risk than another – in fact, the chance of developing it is the same in both first and third world countries. This is why it is important for all women to be aware of the symptoms.

Early Detection Is Always Best

When discovered in the early stages, the five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer is almost 95% percent. This means that this form of cancer is highly treatable, even curable. Sadly, the majority of cases are not caught during the early stage. In many cases, this is because a doctor mistreated or completely missed the signs.

Common Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

The signs can be subtle, but they frequently include:uterus with possible ovarian cancer

  • bloating that doesn’t seem to go away
  • pelvic pain
  • difficulty eating or a sensation of filling up faster than normal
  • the urge to go to the bathroom more frequently or more urgently
  • unexpected weight loss
  • pain during sex
  • back pain

While many of these symptoms could be caused by other, less serious medical conditions, it is still very important and part of a doctor’s job to rule out all potential causes – including ovarian cancer.

What Steps Should A Doctor Take?

Whenever a patient presents with symptoms that could be caused by a wide variety of medical conditions, the responsible thing to do is follow the accepted standard of care. The standard of care changes depending on the patient’s clinical symptoms, age, sex, and other medical conditions, however typically, it may include further testing such as blood work, x-rays, biopsies, swabs, and other tests.

If a doctor fails to follow the standard and also fails to properly diagnose the patient, they may find themselves named as the defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Why Would A Patient File A Lawsuit?

Whenever a doctor fails to diagnose a patient with ovarian cancer, this means that the patient may spend days, weeks, or even months without getting the treatment that is needed in order to save their life. In addition to this, even if doctors are able to successfully treat them, the patient often has to undergo treatments that are more aggressive, painful, and expensive than they would have if the cancer had been found sooner.

By filing a lawsuit, a patient can obtain compensation for their medical expenses, any lost income, the physical pain and suffering they have endured and even emotional trauma.

What Information Do I Need To Provide?surgery for ovarian cancer

In medical malpractice lawsuits, all medical records, dates of doctors visits, test results, and prescription information would be helpful, as well as expense records to show what losses you have sustained financially. If you need assistance obtaining these records or have questions, our team of experienced attorneys can help.

This information will help our team determine several things:

  • All legal options that are available to you.
  • Which medical experts should be contacted and consulted.
  • How much your case might be worth.

What If My Loved One Died And I Suspect Malpractice?

The loved ones of someone who has passed away due to uterine cancer may still be eligible to file a complaint – this is called a wrongful death lawsuit. Through this claim, the initial forms of income can be obtained as well as payment for funeral and burial costs, loss of consortium, and even loss of inheritance.

My Doctor’s Insurance Company Offered Me A Check

In many cases, the company providing the doctor’s medical malpractice insurance policy will contact a plaintiff and offer them a check. Always speak with your attorney before you agree to anything or sign any paperwork. While many cases do settle out of court, an experienced attorney can almost always negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf.

What If An Agreement Can’t Be Reached?

If the defendant does not make an appropriate settlement offer, then the case will go to trial. We understand how stressful the idea of sitting in a courtroom where a judge and / or jury will determine the outcome of a case can be, which is why we prepare every case from the very beginning as if the outcome will be a trial. This includes preparing our client for their experience and helping to make them feel as comfortable as possible, knowing that our team will aggressively fight for their rights.

Ovarian Cancer - When Early Detection Matters

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Ovarian Cancer: When Early Detection Matters


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