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28 April 2014

New York’s Labor Law 240(1) –The Scaffold Law

The lawyers at the Lipsig law firm fully support New York’s current Scaffold Law (Labor Law Section 240(1)) because it helps construction workers avoid serious and fatal injuries every year. The Scaffold Law incentivizes safety in one of the most dangerous occupations in our city and state.

New York’s Long History Of Protecting Construction Workers

We have represented injured workers and the families of deceased workers for many years. Our legal work on behalf of these clients is based on New York’s strong legal protection for them. We feel that the changes recently proposed by insurance and other business interests will weaken safety at the job sites of construction workers. Through our work, we see that many work sites and contractors do not provide adequate protection to the workers, especially those who are at risk when working at elevated work locations.

New York City’s thousands of construction workers face a precarious landscape at work. Teetering at the edge of rooftops, sidestepping dangerous debris, shafts and floor openings, with noisy heavy equipment nearby, they are surrounded by hazards each and every day.

How The Scaffold Law Works

Many workers remain silent about these unsafe conditions because they are afraid of retaliation and losing their jobs, or are immigrants who do not speak English. Labor Law 240(1) was passed to protect all types of workers from hazardous conditions; the men and women who are unable to protect themselves at a dangerous work site due to economic challenges. Weakening the Scaffold Law would shift safety responsibility from the owners and general contractors, who control the site, to the workers, who do not.

Property owners and general contractors, who control the work and are in the best position to oversee safety on the job, should be responsible for providing protection to their workers, as Labor Law 240 requires. An owner or contractor is not held liable for injury or death unless their failure to provide proper safety equipment caused a worker’s injury. This requirement establishes an incentive for the owner and general contractor to assure safety on their jobs.

New York’s lawmakers enacted Labor Law 240(1) a long time ago to reduce injuries and deaths caused by unsafe conditions at building sites, including falls from faulty scaffolds, unsecured ladders and unsafe hoists.

New York’s Scaffold Law promotes safety standards by encouraging training and the use of protective equipment, as well as frequent inspections to ensure that worksites are safe. Without this law, we feel there would be more injuries and death among construction workers. To protect current and future construction workers, especially in the City of New York with our large skyscrapers and highly dangerous worksites, we must keep the New York Scaffold Law unchanged.

Injured On A Construction Site?

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