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Personal Injury Lawyer Needed For Central Park Accidents

From tragic yet preventable accidents in Central Park to severe injuries at your work place, when you are injured in a situation where you were not in control, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Accidents In New York City’s Central Park

One tragic example of a dire situation where a personal injury lawyer is needed is the case of the grieving family of a 40 year old worker who fell victim to a falling branch of a tree in Central Park at the very-heavily used Literary Walk; the branch of a tree snapped and fell. He was killed when the branch hit him as it fell to the ground. The tree had been inspected and categorized as “dangerous” at least two times in the few months before this preventable accident.

Unfortunately, this is not the first nor the only example of New Yorkers who have been killed or seriously injured by falling Central Park tree branches. The Lipsig Law firm is suing the Central Park Conservancy that is responsible for the maintenance of the 26,000 trees in Central Park; the tree that killed our client was inspected and the inspections revealed that it posed a hazard; sadly, it was not removed before this tragic death.

Alan Shapey, Personal Injury Lawyer For Major Central Park Accidents

Who is to blame for this tragic, yet preventable accident? The City of New York and the Central Park Conservancy actively maintain the trees and the grounds in Central Park; one of New York City’s most famous and most used areas.

One of the Lipsig Law firm’s partners, personal injury lawyer Alan Shapey, is actively working for the family and in the course of his investigation, he has determined that negligence by the Central Park Conservancy and by the City of New York was the cause of this unnecessary death.

Mr. Shapey and the Lipsig Law Firm represent the family of a man who was killed in the same way as the six-month-old girl who was killed by a falling branch in the Central Park Zoo and the Google engineer who was badly injured by a falling branch.

Alan Shapey and the Lipsig Law Firm have taken all of the needed steps as the family’s personal injury lawyer. Mr. Shapey has investigated and discovered that, prior to our client’s death, this specific tree had been deemed dangerous by an inspection for the Central Park Conservancy and was given a high priority for removal, but it remained in place until two and a half months later, when it killed this young husband and father of two sons.

Personal Injury Lawyer To 35 Million People

After questioning why the tree was never removed, and who was responsible for the removal, Shapey has revealed the unsatisfactory upkeep of the park’s trees and has commented on the lack of efforts to protect the many people that frequent the park every day.

“I can’t be walking through Central Park looking at trees, wondering which one is going to hit me,” he said in a NY Times interview. “Do I have to wear a hard hat?”

The personal injury lawyer asked this question on behalf of all Central Park visitors who have no idea of the dangers that they face by walking the Park’s tree lined paths. By bringing this serious matter to the courtroom, he is helping to protect the 35 million annual visitors of the enormous park.

Lipsig not only stands for all victims of Central Park accidents but for other personal injuries as well. If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury, contact an attorney at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman.

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