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Broadway signage for Spider-man Musical
30 December 2010

Alan Shapey Comments On NY1’s Broadway Disaster

On Monday, December 20th actor Christopher Tierney, performing in the previews of the new Broadway blockbuster, “Spider-Man” sustained serious injuries when an insecure cable attachment for a major stunt caused the actor to fall nearly 30 feet from a landing onto the stage below.

Lipsig’s Alan Shapey represents a Broadway actor who was injured in 2008 while working in the Disney production of the Little Mermaid in a very similar fall on the set. Mr. Shapey, one of the Lipsig Law Firm partners was asked to comment when media station NY1 covered the story of this latest injury at the Spider-Man production.

Preventing Accidents On Broadway

“There must be systems in place that anticipate the way a system can fail and there must be redundant safety systems, so if one system fails there’s another one in place,” Shapey said during his interview. Shapey attributes actor Tierney’s disastrous injuries to a lack of safety systems on the Spiderman set.

The personal injury lawyer Alan Shapey has close to 30 years experience legally representing those who have been injured and he believes that the reasons behind Tierney’s injuries and the injuries at other Broadway shows are completely unacceptable.

During their legal work for the injured performer at the Little Mermaid production, the attorneys at the Lipsig Law Firm retained engineers and other experts to assess how the production and sets should have been constructed and operated to provide safety to the creative actors who work on Broadway shows.

Broadway Injuries: More Common Than You Think

Tierney is not the first actor in the $65 million production who has been injured while on set. Actress Natalie Mendoza, Tierney’s co-star, suffered a concussion during the first preview performance. Although this has not yet been confirmed, she is now rumored to be leaving Spider-Man as a result of Tierney’s injuries.

The hope of the personal injury lawyers at the Lipsig Law Firm who represent  injured Broadway performers is that their legal work will benefit all actors who have to perform dangerous stunts in the future by creating better safety standards.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious fall and injury, contact an attorney at Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman.