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Brooklyn Building Collapse Lawyers

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Building collapses are terrifying accidents that regularly make the news. For example, there was a collapse of a building on Avenue P in March 2019 after a vehicle rammed into it. And a three-story townhouse collapsed a year earlier, in Park Slope in May 2018.

These accidents endanger not only the residents inside the building but also those who live nearby, who could suffer a partial collapse of their own homes.

Many buildings also collapse during construction, which threatens to injure construction workers on site. Please contact one of our Brooklyn construction accident lawyers for a free consultation.

Why Buildings Collapse

Each collapse is different and must be closely examined. Some buildings will collapse because an external force has been applied to it, such as a construction vehicle driving into the structure. Particularly vulnerable buildings might collapse due to high winds, especially if the building was damaged and in the process of being repaired.

Other buildings collapse due to improper construction, such as foundation defects or improper architectural design. If a wall needs to be removed due to damage, then the load is increased on all other walls. Careless planning can cause buildings to fall on workers.

Other buildings will collapse after being weakened by fire or water damage. Construction workers who are trying to repair these buildings are at heightened risk of getting buried under rubble. Proper precautions must be taken to reinforce walls and joints.

Building Collapses Cause Serious Injuries

The sheer weight of materials landing on a construction worker can cause lasting damage. Many workers who are pulled out alive suffer multiple fractures in addition to damage to soft tissue like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.

The brain is very vulnerable to injury, especially if the skull fractures. Many workers will suffer contusions and hemorrhaging in the brain. Others can suffer from traumatic brain injuries, which can impair their ability to walk, talk, think, and remember for years after the accident.

Crush injuries are another common injury whenever a heavy weight rests on the body. Crush injuries can lead to amputation or to kidney failure when skeletal muscles break down and release toxins into the bloodstream. To survive a crush injury, some workers will need affected limbs amputated.

Finally, many construction workers die due to building collapse. They cannot be rescued in time, or internal organs are crushed by the heavy weight put on them.

Holding Parties Responsible

Whether a person can sue for injuries suffered in a collapse depends on many factors. If you are a construction worker, you need to identify the cause of the collapse. If your employer is to blame, then workers’ compensation law prevents lawsuits in most situations. However, if defective materials or substandard work by a third party is to blame, you might be able to sue.

Innocent members of the public injured in the collapse can often sue anyone whose negligence contributed to the accident. This could include contractors, subcontractors, and the building’s owner or current tenant.

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