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Winter Driving Accidents in New York

January 24, 2023
Pic of a car accident in the snow

Each year in the U.S., an estimated 24% of weather-associated motor vehicle accidents happen on icy, snowy, or slushy roads, and 15% occur when there’s sleet or snowfall. Likewise, over 1,300 individuals lose their lives, and more than 116,800 individuals sustain injuries in crashes on snowy, icy, or slushy roads.

In vehicle crashes, it’s not usually hard to identify when one of the drivers was negligent. For instance, if a driver obviously tailgated, exceeded the speed limit, was texting while driving, or was impaired during the crash, it should be evident which party should be held liable for the crash and the other party’s losses. In a lot of winter driving accidents, however, it can be hard to determine what could have caused them.

Common Causes of NY Winter Driving Accidents

The following are among the most common causes of winter driving accidents in NY:

Poor Visibility

Raining, foggy, or snowy conditions can easily impair a driver’s vision. Likewise, since people normally find themselves driving more when it is dark due to daylight savings time, their ability to see things at nighttime is simply not as good when it is sunny.

However, it’s vital to note that drivers are legally obligated to control their vehicles to the best of their ability and drive safely based on the weather conditions. For example, when it’s snowing or raining hard, drivers must drive slower than they usually would to address unexpected road conditions.

Slick and Icy Roadways

The traction on tires will not work as intended on particularly slick and icy roadways. Drivers may also encounter black ice, which is frozen water that’s notoriously slippery. Because black ice can be extremely hard to spot, drivers can drive over it and easily lose control of their cars.

Drunk Driving

Christmas and New Year celebrations, which all fall during the winter months, are usually fueled by alcohol. This is why there’s a significant increase in DUI crashes and arrests during this time.

Insufficient Vehicle Maintenance

The winter season can be especially difficult for vehicles, which is why ensuring that they are maintained properly and winter-ready is essential. Drivers who don’t maintain their vehicles regularly will leave them susceptible to malfunctions and hazardous road conditions.

For instance, driving with worn-out tires or tires with insufficient tire pressure on icy roads can lead to the vehicle spinning out or sliding. Likewise, if the windshield wipers are worn out or the defrosting system isn’t functioning, drivers can’t see the road clearly, increasing their risk of getting into a crash.

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