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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer?

April 1, 2020
Personal injury claim

Personal injury law is a very wide field, and not all attorneys have relevant experience in it. If you used a lawyer to draft an estate plan or help you obtain a divorce, then you might be tempted to hire that lawyer for your personal injury case. Instead, there are several reasons you should call one of our experienced New York City personal injury lawyers for a free consultation.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Properly Value Your Injuries

As part of any settlement, you must agree to sign a release of all claims. This means that you will give up the ability to sue this defendant in the future for more money.

Consequently, it is vital that you get all the compensation you can in the initial settlement. And this means understanding the true value of your injuries.

Many people realize they can get compensation for lost wages and medical care. But these types of “hard” economic expenses are not difficult to calculate. An attorney can show his skill by properly valuing your pain and suffering, which is a much more elastic concept. Our seasoned attorneys can make the claim that you deserve the maximum compensation allowed under the law for pain and suffering.

If your injuries were permanent, you also need to calculate future medical expenses. This is also a hard step for many lawyers to take, but we have worked with numerous experts to help value the cost of future care.

A Seasoned Lawyer Knows How Insurance Companies Operate

In most personal injury cases, the person sitting across the negotiation table is often a representative of an insurance company. If a motorist struck you on the road, their insurer will take over the claim. It is vital that you hire a lawyer who understands how insurance adjusters operate. The fact is that many divorce lawyers or criminal defense lawyers have never gone up against our state’s largest insurers, and it shows.

Some insurance companies try to minimize their claims by dragging their heels or throwing up obstacles. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help get the insurance companies to move faster. New York has detailed rules governing insurance companies, and any bad faith violation can warrant a lawsuit. We will use these rules as leverage to get the insurer to take your claim seriously.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Knows His or Her Way Around a Courtroom

If an insurance company won’t make a realistic offer for compensation, then we have no choice but to head off to court to file a lawsuit. Many attorneys have never seen the inside of a courtroom, or they’ve only ever made an appearance in family court.

Civil litigation involving personal injuries is unique. There are rules of evidence and civil procedure that your attorney must know to effectively argue on your behalf. At our firm, our attorneys have litigated many personal injury claims, and we know how to use the law to our client’s advantage.

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