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What Role Does Your Attorney Play in a Lawsuit?

June 30, 2020

Choosing the right attorney is one of the most important decisions faced by personal injury victims. Many lawyers lack knowledge of this area of law, which compromises their ability to get their clients the necessary funds to help them move on with the rest of their lives.

At Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, our New York personal injury lawyers wear many different hats when representing clients. Below, we take a closer look at our role in your lawsuit.


To obtain a settlement, you will need proof that someone else is to blame for the accident that hurt you. This proof isn’t always easy to find, which is why an attorney is very helpful. While an injured victim recovers, their attorney can track down the necessary evidence.

For example, if you were involved in a truck accident, our lawyers will tell the trucking company to preserve black box data. If you were injured on the premises of a business, our lawyers can notify the company to preserve any security video which might have captured the incident. Finding evidence requires experience and legal skill, which the best personal injury lawyers in New York City can provide.


Most personal injury cases settle. However, you want the most compensation you can possibly get. The reality is that many defendants are happy to settle—but only if you are willing to accept very little money in return.

At our firm, we fully analyze the losses our clients have suffered and then develop a strategy for negotiating an amount that seems fair. Some personal injury cases are very challenging because our clients might have suffered permanent injuries that require ongoing medical care and permanently reduce employment opportunities. We can work with experts to fully value how much money you will lose over a lifetime.


Negotiating a fair settlement is hard. Large insurers aggressively defend claims—dragging their feet, denying valid claims, and even resisting any attempt to settle. Our lawyers are trusted advisors who can recommend when you should accept a settlement offer and when you should continue to fight for more. Our clients always have ultimate control over when to settle, but we will use our experience to advise you about whether to hold out for additional compensation.


If an insurer rebuffs all reasonable attempts to settle, our NYC personal injury attorneys can go into court and vindicate our clients’ rights. We will file all necessary legal pleadings and tackle other pre-trial responsibilities, including evidence collection during discovery.

Some cases go to trial, in which case a lawyer will select jurors, question witnesses, and make a closing argument to the jury. You should hire a lawyer with sufficient litigation experience; otherwise, you might be disappointed with the results.

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