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Wearable Technology that Alerts Truckers to Fatigue

March 1, 2020
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Truckers spend long, often-grueling hours behind the wheel of their rigs, and fatigue can obviously pose a threat to their safe travel. Although there are careful rules and regulations in place related to hours of service that restrict how long a trucker can spend behind the wheel – and when – these edicts can’t account for every driver’s natural biorhythms and personal level of exhaustion. Fortunately, technology is there for us.

Biometric Sensors

The New York Times reports that technology involving biometric sensors is becoming more and more accessible, and it can alert drowsy drivers to their bodies’ signs of exhaustion – even before they begin to feel tired themselves. These biometric sensors are becoming lighter, more accurate, and more affordable, and when combined with ever-evolving software systems, they can connect data related to the driver’s biometrics with data from his or her truck – creating a feedback loop that could help make our roadways safer for all who travel on them.

Fatigue Doesn’t Receive the Attention It Deserves

Many researchers and authorities on the topic report that fatigue is significantly underreported as either directly causing or contributing to dangerous traffic accidents. For example, if a truck driver is involved in an accident that was predicated by road construction, it’s often the case that the truck driver’s own exhaustion slowed his or her reaction time and/or blurred his or her ability to make safe decisions on the spot.

Wearable Technology to the Rescue

Early attempts to help monitor for trucker fatigue were forestalled by privacy concerns. The new wearable technology, however, measures driver fatigue in more subtle ways and comes in multiple forms, including:

  • Caps and Headbands
  • Glasses
  • Headsets
  • Vests
  • Wristbands

The associated software is highly complicated and culls data from a variety of sources. In the end, these systems must be capable of identifying the data that matters and calculating accordingly – rather than being weakened by a bombardment of data.

A Safety Lag

Technology companies report that their wearable offerings are not being adopted into the cabs of 18-wheelers especially quickly. In fact, the trucking industry typically takes its time when it comes to adopting new technologies – based on their narrow profit margins. As it becomes more accessible and affordable, however, this wearable technology could help save lives. Experts agree that fatigue is a complicated issue that is systemic to the trucking industry and should be looked at from all angles to help address the problem more organically.

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