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Wall Collapse Kills Construction Worker

February 15, 2020
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A devastating accident in late October has killed one construction worker in Manhattan and injured another. According to the New York Post, the collapse happened at 60 Norfolk Street at the location of the Beth Hamedrash Hagadol synagogue. Work had begun in April 2019 to rebuild the synagogue, which had been destroyed in a fire. All that remained were the outer walls, which were to be incorporated into the new building’s design.

Witnesses reported that the wall tipped over in a single piece and landed on top of 2 construction workers. Other witnesses reported hearing screams from across the street when the wall fall. Video showed one of the workers being taken out of the area on a gurney.

Emergency services rushed one worker to New York-Presbyterian Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The New York Daily News identified the deceased construction worker as Stanislaw Supinsky. The other worker, who has not been identified, was taken to Bellevue hospital with a broken leg.

According to the Daily News, the building had 21 open violations on the Department of Buildings’ website, with some violations stemming back to 1997. Some violations were also issued after the fire, one for failing to protect the building after the fire damaged it. The Department of Buildings has been investigating the most recent collapse.

Not the First Wall Collapse in New York City

The wall collapse at the burned-out synagogue is not entirely surprising, given that the building had been badly damaged in a fire, and workers were removing the structurally unsound parts of the wall on the day it collapsed. However, other walls have fallen or crumbled in New York City that shocked everyone, leading to many injuries and millions of dollars in damage.

For example, a retaining wall fell onto the Henry Hudson Parkway back in 2005, which ended up burying parked cars but fortunately did not injure anyone else. The retaining wall fell in two separate avalanches that buried multiple lanes.

A wall also collapsed in Queens this summer, killing a construction manager at a building on Beach 67th Street, which is located near Ocean Avenue North in Arverne. And in February of this year, an East Village building wall partially collapsed inside a building on 301 E. 10th Street, though no one was hurt.

Was the Collapse Avoidable?

Construction is inherently dangerous—or, at least, more dangerous than many other professions. For this reason, construction workers often receive a higher wage than those who work in safer industries.

However, some accidents are avoidable if the contractor or the job site owner takes certain precautions. In those situations, injured workers might be entitled to compensation after an accident. When a worker dies, his family members might also have a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

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