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Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Accident in NYC

April 25, 2022
Hit and run car accident in New York

Motor vehicle crashes can be immensely overwhelming and can lead to potentially catastrophic and even fatal injuries. In a perfect world, all motorists involved in a crash stop at the scene, exchange details with each other, talk to the police, and resolve the matter properly. Unfortunately, some drivers cause a crash and then leave the scene of the accident. This is called a hit and run accident.

But most victims of hit and run crashes may be too overwhelmed by the situation that they fail to take the necessary steps to protect their case. In this light, here are some steps to take to help protect your rights and recover fair compensation for your damages.

Call 911 or Seek Medical Attention ASAP

Even if you believe that you’re uninjured, go to the doctor to examine your condition and document and treat your injuries, if necessary. Your medical records will serve as vital evidence for your insurance or personal injury claim later.

Collect Evidence About The Hit and Run Accident

If possible, write down what you remember from the accident and talk to anyone who may have witnessed the crash. Don’t forget to obtain their contact details. Try to get the following information:

  • The vehicle’s license plate number, color, model, and make
  • The driver’s description
  • The cause, time, and place of the crash
  • The direction where the other vehicle was going
  • Photos and videos of the accident scene, your car, and your injuries

Call The Police to Report The Hit and Run Crash

Give the police all the information you have collected, including the names and contact details of the witnesses, if any. This may help the police find the hit and run driver. Hopefully, your statement and that of the other witnesses may suffice to help the police apprehend the driver.

Discuss Your Case with an NYC Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Right Away

As you know, hit and run accidents can be complicated because there’s no guarantee that the driver will be found. So how can you recoup financial losses for your injuries and property damage? And if the driver is found, your compensation is also not guaranteed. Because of these reasons, working with an experienced NYC hit and run accident lawyer is crucial.

Your lawyer will work with the police to find the driver, figure out all the compensation options that apply to your case, and make sure that you get fair compensation for your accident-related losses.

Talk to Our Experienced NYC Hit and Run Accident Lawyer Today

Injured by a hit and run driver in NYC? Reach out to the law office of Lipsig, Shapey, Manus & Moverman, P.C., for prompt legal guidance. We know how crucial money is following an accident, and we also know about the potential challenges of securing money when the driver that caused the crash fled the scene.

Our NYC hit and run accident lawyer are prepared to ensure that you recover just compensation, and that the driver is held liable for their negligent actions. Call 212-285-3300 today or contact us online to arrange your free consultation.


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