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Safety Equipment Required at Construction Zones

December 21, 2022
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Deaths and injuries across NYC and the state occur more frequently than anywhere else in the country. According to the most recent data from the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), construction worker fatalities accounted for 22% of all worker fatalities in NYC and 24% of all worker fatalities in the state, while the country’s average is 21%.

Working with all kinds of heavy machinery and tools, different working environments, and demanding physical labor requires proper safety equipment to prevent accidents that injure construction workers or kill them. In most cases, fall restraints, hard hats, and eye protection are the only safety equipment standing between workers and traumatic injuries or death.

This is why employers and construction companies must always provide proper safety equipment for their workers. At the very least, employers must provide the following personal protective equipment or safety equipment in NYC construction sites to prevent injuries and deaths:

Head Protection

Falling objects are very common in construction sites. When constructing buildings, heavy and dangerous materials and tools may fall from above. These can increase the risk of being struck by objects on the head, bumps from objects on the ceilings, and getting exposed to electrical hazards.

Fall Protection

Falls remain the leading cause of death in NYC construction sites. Fall protection must include body support, a connection, and an anchor. Employers are likewise required to ensure that workers are trained in proper fall protection practices.

Eye Protection

Construction work often involves the use of handheld tools to cut, weld, grind, and nail. It also commonly involves electrical work and bulldozing the ground. With these tasks, flying debris, including dust, chipped metal, small rocks, etc., are common. To prevent injury to the eyes, workers must wear eye shields or glasses and welding masks.

Hearing Protection

It’s important for construction workers to wear earmuffs or earplugs to protect their ears against various loud noises from different construction equipment.

Hand Protection

Whether it’s cutting pipes, mixing solvents, repairing electrical components, or working in inclement weather, wearing the right type of gloves is immensely vital.

Feet Protection

The right kind of footwear can protect the feet against punctures, cuts, falling objects, and tripping. They likewise prevent freezing, electrocution, and burns.

Body Protection

Workers must perform their jobs in different kinds of environments. Some of them may work during the day, while others may work at night. This means that cold weather or exposure to the sun’s harsh rays could be a concern. Depending on the environment, weather, and type of job, construction workers must wear the right clothes. Proper work wear can also protect them against burns, cuts, and chemical exposure.

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