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Do I Need an Accident Report?

December 20, 2020
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New York City sees more than its fair share of traffic, and this translates to plenty of traffic accidents. While no traffic accident is ever exactly the same as any other, there are some basic truths that hold across all cases. One of these is that, if you were injured by another motorist’s negligence in a traffic accident, you need both an accident report and an experienced NYC personal injury attorney.

Your Accident and Reporting Requirements

If you are involved in a traffic accident that involves a moving vehicle, a pedestrian, a parked car, or someone else’s property, you are required to stop at the scene and exchange insurance and contact information with the other party. Not to do so could lead to a hit-and-run charge. If the owner of the other vehicle or property isn’t present, you must leave your insurance and contact information – along with your license plate number – on the damaged vehicle and report the accident to the police. Finally, if the traffic accident in question causes more than $1,000 in property damage (and with bodywork as expensive as it is, this means nearly every accident), you’re required to file an accident report with the DMV within ten days, or you could lose your license.

If Someone Is Injured in the Accident

If someone was injured (or worse) in the accident – or you believe someone might have been injured (including yourself) – the police should be called to the scene, and they will take a report. This involves assessing the total damages incurred, interviewing the involved motorists and any other key witnesses on the scene, and taking any visible evidence under advisement in making an early determination of what might have caused the accident. For any serious car accident, it’s in you and your car accident claim’s best interest to call the police.

The Police Accident Report Can Prove Vital to Your Car Accident Claim

The report generated by the police at the scene of your accident can prove invaluable to your car accident case by providing all of the following information in one convenient spot:

  • The Time and Date Basics – The accident report will delineate exactly when and where the accident occurred.
  • Relevant Contact Information – The accident report should contain contact and insurance information for both involved motorists and for any eyewitnesses who provided statements.
  • Driver Statements – The police are very likely to interview both you and the other motorist involved, and the most salient information will be included in the report. This information may help you move your case forward.
  • Additional Information – The report will also likely contain a diagram of the accident, information about any injuries incurred, pictures of vehicle damage, information about weather and road conditions, a note about any tickets issued, and any other pertinent information.

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