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Delayed Complaint-Driven DOB Inspections Could Lead to Injuries

Feb 3 2021
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According to the New York City Comptroller, the Department of Buildings (DOB) promotes the safety of everyone who works, builds, and lives in New York City, and their role in this involves regulating lawful uses of more than a million construction sites and buildings throughout the five boroughs. Members of the public can report their concerns related to dangerous and/or illegal construction and to the improper use of buildings to DOB, and DOB prioritizes these complaints from A to D – with performance targets in place for each.

When DOB fails to meet these targets, construction workers and other members of the public can pay a high price. If you’ve been injured on the job as a construction worker, seek the professional legal guidance of a dedicated NYC construction accident attorney.

From A to D

Complaint priority grades include the following:

Making Improvements

The Comptroller finds that DOB’s system for handling public complaints needs improvement in order to help protect the public from injury risk. Specifically, these improvements should include more timely responses and follow up for complaints at every stage in the process. Consider all of the following:

DOB’s practices leave the public at increased risk of being injured by safety infractions that are not afforded timely and adequate attention. 

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